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Smoking Allowed At G20 London Summit

by | 12th, March 2009

YOU can’t smoke in the UK indoors. Your can’t smoke outdoors, either, at football grounds and such like.

THE WHIP is contacted by a source who works for the company involved in the G20 Summit being held at Excel in London’s Canning Town next month. “Although smoking is banned within work places in the UK and has been a vigorously enforced Labour policy, it is being allowed at the G20 summit – indeed, there is a smoking lounge,” he reports.

Hey, they only make the laws, right?

As Tim Worstall says: “What utter, utter, contempt they show for us.”

And save the politicos from having to go on the roof,

Conservative MP Anne Widdecombe puts it:

“It’s one law for one, and one for another, and I think that sums up this government.”

Oi, Obama, Pass the carrots, and bottled water, the branded stuff…


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