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Tactician Jose Mourinho Accused Of Assault

by | 12th, March 2009

DID Jose Mourinho lose more that his cool when his Inter Milan side lost to Manchester United in the Champions League?

Of course, Mourinho was never cool. He was tetchy and petulant, but thanks to those pauses in speech that make a foreign coach look thoughtful and an English coach thick and his nice scarf Mourinho was considered a spark of genius.

It has been alleged the Inter Milan manager punched a supporter as he left Old Trafford stadium after his team’s defeat by Manchester United.

Says a statement from Inter:

“At the end of the game, the Portuguese tactician gave interviews to the European media, signed autographs, watched the penalties of the Roma v Arsenal game before saluting (Sir Alex) Ferguson in his office.

“After giving the last interview to Inter Channel, he entered the team bus that was parked outside the dressing rooms and hence it was a very calm post-game experience.”

The Tactician. Mourinho may like that, a title that hints at a man possessed of equal parts modest super hero qualities and thoughtfulness. The man sat at the back of the coach on the way back from the team bonding session, dressed in a navy blue adidas tracksuit, making notes with a blunt pencil in a small black book with red strip of elastic down one side.

Mourinho the shy, retiring, humble, gracious manger would like that. The Tactician “saluting” Ferguson, and not in any ironic, foul-fingered or sarcastic way, but with crisp Mr Ken Bailey type snap. Mourinho knows the game is not all about him, most of it, granted, but not all.

It is the “calm post-game experience” we have come to appreciate in Mourinho, and referee Anders Frisk woudl only agree.

As for the alleged victim, they are said to have chanted, “You’re going home, you’re going home” to the former Chelsea manager.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said:

“Just before midnight on Wednesday 11 March 2009 a man reported he’d been punched in the face outside Old Trafford. Police are investigating this common assault allegation. Inquiries are ongoing.”

And Mourinho..? Well, he takes it all on this chin, which is  pulled some way above his eyes…

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