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Marilyn Monroe Was America’s Jade Goody

by | 13th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Jade performs a Marilyn Monroe tribute.

Monroe was America’s Jade Goody.

Glasgow Daily Record: “Jade Joy As She Is Back With Boys”

The four gathered around the TV last night to watch a documentary on Jade and Jack’s wedding.

Fact and fiction merged.

Daily Mail: “Surrounded by love: Comfort for Jade as Jack’s curfew is altered”

Probation officials have changed the curfew controlling Jade Goody’s husband’s movements, so he can spend more time with his dying wife. Jack Tweed, who was convicted of two assaults in just six months, will now be able to stay at the cancer-stricken TV star’s bedside on Thursday and Saturday nights.

“I’m delighted,” the part-time model said. “I’ve been desperate to spend as much time as possible with Jade and her family.”

Jack is modelling ankle bracelets.

The Governor of Wayland Prison in Norfolk…told Tweed he was still forbidden from going out between 7pm and 7am, but on Thursdays and Saturdays he could stay at Jade’s house instead of his mother’s.

And you know, what about the other man?

Publicist Max Clifford said yesterday on BBC Breakfast: “She’s very fragile, the pictures in the papers tell their own story.”

But in case they don’t here’s Max. Anyone else?

A £100 bouquet of flowers from Amy Winehouse was taken into the house. A friend of the singer said: “Amy has been very moved by Jade’s illness. She told Jade on a card she was thinking of her.”

Pass the book of condolences. And cue Winehouse with A Song for Jade…

Messages of support have poured in for the star including one from King of Pop Michael Jackson. He told the ailing star: “I’m thinking of you and I hope everything goes as well as it can. I want you to come and see me when I’m over.”

Where’s he staying – downstairs at Jade’s house? The Queen also want you over, Jade – she says she’ll throw a party for you in September. Jackson – he understands.

The Sun: “Jade’s tears of joy at reunion”

The boys arrived at the house in Upshire, Essex, at 4pm, still wearing their school uniforms and clutching dad Jeff Brazier’s hands.

Freddie broke away from Jeff, 29, and raced up to the front door. But Bobby gripped his hand and looked close to tears. They left with their dad three hours later wearing masks they had painted with their mum.


Dying reality star Jade Goody is determined that her two young sons will always be able to remember her at her bubbly best. And she is leaving them with a parting gift of a sparkling video of her dressed as her idol Marilyn Monroe.

And her Celebrity Cancer soap opera on Living TV.


Jade has dressed up as Mariyln Monroe for a music video for “Irish R&B star Omar Simons”… The video shows Jade looking eerily similar to the actress and famed pin up…

“It serves as a stunning and poignant final tribute to Jade, capturing her perfectly on film, for ever.”

Jade has dresse dup as Marilyn before, when she hired the outfit from a fancy dress shop:

After months of calls to the former Big Brother star – pictured right wearing the outfit – Kathy, 47, said: “I reported it to the police and urged them to take action against Jade. But they said it was a civil matter.”

But after hearing of the mum-of-two’s cancer battle, kind-hearted Kathy offered to waive the bill, saying: “I feel really sorry for her – it would just be nice to get the dress back!”

A spokesman for Jade said: “She is mystified by this. She was convinced the dress was returned. She’ll look into it.”


She has enrolled in a £2,400 acting course at New York’s Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute, where past graduates include Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Marilyn Monroe.


Jade’s previous attempt at a Marilyn impersonation ended in a drunken shambles at a fancy dress party where guests included Tom Jones.

Daily Mirror: “How to tell children about death, By Miriam Stoppard”

One of the hardest things that Jade Goody must face is explaining to her sons, Bobby Jack and Freddy, that mummy is dying. Jade, 27, has said she’s found it impossible to use the actual word “death”.

See tabloids: “brave”; “Last”; “final”; and many more euphemisms.

“They don’t know what ‘death’ means and it will frighten them,” she explained – so she simply told them: “Mummy is much sicker than she was.”

Oh, and “death”. Thanks Dr Miriam.

I feel for Jade because telling two children, aged four and five, about death is very distressing but, as a parent, it’s vital to put their needs first. Of all the traumatic events that can happen to a child, a loved one dying is the worst…

Worse trauma then them dying?

It’s such a big issue for kids that at the end of the month the BBC’s Newsround is doing a bereavement special for children.

Jade’s legacy – introducing death to tea-time children’s telly. It is important that you:

“Introduce the idea of death early.”

The Times: What’s on the telly?

The makers of Jade’s Wedding eked out every moment for maximum blousy, tissue-clutching effect: the vows (where everyone looked so hot they would melt), the speeches, the fireworks. Goody, clearly in pain at times, joked and looked happy. The circus was grotesque, but the key players movingly real.

Jade Goody – how they stare.

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