Anorak News | Three Deer Raid Off Licence

Three Deer Raid Off Licence

by | 13th, March 2009

THREE dear are enacting daring raid on an off licence.

One goes for the Lottery tickets; a second tries to barge down the office doors, while a third looks to deal with witnesses.

So you know them?

One almost hit me and I ducked into the lottery and as I was in there, I seen one slamming into the door over here,” said Anthony Shadler.

One deer crashed into a Corona display and another took a detour right into a closed door.

“I just went in to do my paperwork and usually I don’t close my door, but that night I had closed it,” said Lisa King, a clerk at Beer Arena.

Shadler says the deer made their way out of the store when they figured out how to jump on top of some shopping carts and then dive out the back door.

If you see deer acting suspiciously, call the police…

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