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Kerry Katona Soon Free To Date Jack Tweed

by | 13th, March 2009

THE days began with hacks on the web beat announcing that Kerry Katona has altered her Facebook status to single.

Kerry’s spokesman tells the papers:

“They’ve [Kerry and Mark Croft] had a row and haven’t made up yet. They’ve had tiffs before, so this could be anything. It could be a dispute over the price of fish or could be more serious. As far as I’m aware, they haven’t made up yet.”

More serious than fish? Can it be that Kerry takes her work home with her, banging on about Iceland this, Iceland that, lambasting Croft for not being enough like a squirrel and keeping the house at a chill 3 degrees?

Mail readers are responding:

Disappointed to see that this story has made the headlines, Mrs Croft is a nobody she is a boring attention seeking lady, who cares what happens to her, or her money grabbing husband. How about the media do is all a favour and stop publishing the details of her oh so boring life.

kathy fish, middle east

With the online PR done, Kerry Katona confirms her relationship with husband Croft is over while filming the new series of her reality TV show, “What’s The Problem?”, which has already been dubbed “What’s The Problem!”.

Says Kerry to her publicist:

“Listen love, I’ve got a lawyer involved. Me and Mark are getting a divorce (sob), we really are.”

Cynics will call it a publicity stunt, unable to realise that Katona is famous for being herself, required viewing for EastEnders’ scriptwriters looking for realism.

Right now she’s talking divorce, which is only a prelude to another marriage, a another pregnancy or a date with Jack Tweed…

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