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Strictly Come Dancing In Wheelchairs

by | 13th, March 2009

THE BBC is launching a new spin-off of Strictly Come Dancing featuring contestants in wheelchairs.

Such is the state of celebrities – see the Celebrity Cull – that most celebrities are in wheelchairs or very soon will be. Next season, celebs will dance in a wheeled bed and so on until by 2012 each Strictly celeb dancer will be triggered into action by the shout “Stand clear!” and scores awarded for how they twitch in time to the music.

For now, the wheelchair-bound will be paired by able-bodied partners as they perform dances such as the Foxtrot and Waltz.

A Sue Cummings, who works as a coach for disabled dancers in the UK, tells the Sun:

“This is a brilliant idea. The only dance we don’t do is the Can Can because we Can’t Can’t – but only because I haven’t yet worked out how you do the splits in a wheelchair!”

One hesitates to teach the experts to suck eggs, but we do suggest a combination of stirrups and a spot of audience paticipation with the fans split down the centre and each half invited to pull on the end of a rope.

Only not too hard lest a pro dancer get run over and we lose another star…

Heather Mills is away.

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