Anorak News | Father Of Anti-Army Muslim Protestor Damns His Son

Father Of Anti-Army Muslim Protestor Damns His Son

by | 13th, March 2009

JALAL Ahmed’s holds a sign above his head saying “Anglian soldiers: Butchers of Basra” in Luton, and his dad says:

“He’s a good boy. He doesn’t smoke, he’s done nothing violent and he just likes to pray five times a day at home.”

Let’s consider the evidence:

Lives at home
Prays a lot
Chances are he’s a non-drinker
Seen at free public events

Run it through the Tabloid Profiler Database System and the ticket tells us…

“Danger… Do not approach. Nutter! Call police…”

Says the Mail:

His part in the protest yesterday saw him lose his airside pass at Luton Airport, where he worked as a baggage handler on a part-time basis. His duties involve loading luggage onto conveyor belts into aircraft holds.

That’s the only language non-smoking prayer-enthusiasts understand.

They want hanging. They really do…

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