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Jade Goody Wills It

by | 14th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer – Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody in the news. Jade is on the “edge of a precipice”.

Digital Spy: “Jade Goody’s spirits have been lifted by the recent success of her Living TV show, her spokesman has confirmed.”

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Coverage of the star’s wedding preparations attracted 789k viewers on Wednesday night, while footage of the ceremony itself pulled in 771k the following night.

The figures Include journalists, publicists, the Goodys and pets. If removed the actual viewing figures are 321 and 12.

Jade Goody is on the box…

Sky News: “Fading Jade Is ‘On Edge Of A Precipice’”

Mr Clifford said: “She was in a bad way last night, she was panicking. The nurse was obviously concerned and decided she should call Jack.

Call him what? Evey name under the sun, we’d wager…

“He went over and calmed her down and she went to sleep. She settled down and had a comfortable night.”

Asked if this meant Goody was close to the end, Mr Clifford said: “She has deteriorated, she is very weak. The answer is, who knows? We are on the edge of a precipice.”

Any last words, Max?

Meanwhile Goody was said to be “delighted” after the Government said it would review the age limit for cervical cancer testing.

Goody, 27, told Mr Clifford: “It’s too late for me, Max, but it will save a lot of others.”

The Scotsman: “Tragic cases prove that a will is not just for the old”

TO SOME, having a will is something that is associated with being old, suffering from an incurable illness, or even death. But the tragic stories of Jade Goody, told at 27 that she had weeks to live, and Wendy Anderson, a mother of five who sadly passed away from an aneurysm two days after giving birth, reminds us that we’re not invincible.

Jade Goody – you can adapt her to fit your own vested interest, for a fee…

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