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Jade Goody Given Last Rites

by | 16th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer with the Last Rites, Freddy’s first deal and Shilpa…

Daily Mirror: “JADE’S FINAL HOURS – She smiles at two boys on last day together”

A 24-hours smile.

Star spends final hours listening to sons’ playing and laughing in garden with family.

Smile turns to laughter.

But the strain was too much for Jackiey, who cradled her head in her hands as she was momentarily overwhelmed by sorrow. She said: “It’s not day by day now. It’s more like hour by hour. I’m stronger than Jack at the moment and Kevin is stronger than me. Together we’ve built a strong community to cope with it.”

And Max?

After the boys arrived they went in to see their mum, who is in a bed in a downstairs room overlooking the garden. She was unable to speak and struggled for breath – but managed a weak smile.

Then the laughter?

Her spokesman Max Clifford said: “The boys went to see her and she was aware of them for a brief moment or two. She saw them and she smiled. She is unconscious most of the time now. The whole process of her coming home is to die at home with the minimum amount of pain. The more sedation you have, the less you are aware of what’s going on.”

Says Dr Max.

Nobody knows when she’s going to step off, whether it will be five minutes or five days.

How a PR can arrange bookings and sponsorship deals under these conditions, God only knows. Poor Max…

The Sun: “The angels are calling mummy”

Not “The angels are calling, mummy” – not yet.

JADE Goody’s young sons took flowers to her bedside yesterday in what could be one of their final visits to their beloved Mummy.

The angelic pair sat gently clasping the dying star’s hands after little Freddie had picked her a delicate daffodil.

The host of golden… is gathered.

Daily Mail: “I’ll be going to heaven soon, gravely ill Jade tells her boys”

At one point Freddy picked a daffodil from the garden and ran inside shouting: ‘Mummy!’ The flower is the symbol of the charity Macmillan Cancer Relief, which has been providing round-the-clock care for Miss Goody since she left hospital on Wednesday and returned home to die.

“Freddy, call me” – Max. Did freddy get grass stains on his white top? Just wondering because the Persil deal is coming up and…


In this week’s OK!

A PRIEST has given Jade Goody the last rites in a moving service at her home. Close family and friends gathered around her bedside yesterday as the clergyman – known to Jade as Father Ted – conducted the sad ceremony.

Jade’s last interview, Jade’s last wedding, Jade’s last dress, Jade’s last fight, Jade’s last slice of toast, Jade’s last Christening, Jade’s last party, now…

Her spokesman Max Clifford said: “A priest, Father Francis, arrived to hold a little prayer service and blessing, as Jade had wanted. It was a pre-arranged thing.”

Look out for the a prayer on the official tea towel and in adverts for PG Tips. But was this the Last Rites?

Max said: “Fr Francis is known to Jade and her family – she calls him Father Ted. She wanted him to say some prayers and to bless her. Jade sees this as a route for her – through Jesus and religion she has a way of keeping in touch with everybody, with the boys. That’s why they are doing what they are doing.”

So not the Last Rites.

Daily Express: “Jade says goodbye to her boys”

Sky News: “Jade’s Family ‘Waiting For The Inevitable’”

That Derek Acorah will be the official Jade Goody medium?

The former Big Brother star, who is suffering from terminal cancer, has been told by doctors that she has just days to live.

“We’re waiting for the inevitable, it could be at any time, we just don’t know,” said her friend and publicist Max Clifford.

Remember when Max said that was enough, last week – time to leave Jade alone?

The Scotsman: “Ian Stewart: Sense, rather than sensationalism, was this story’s intent”

SOMETIMES in journalism it is quite easy to get carried away. If a story is playing big in other newspapers and on television, you can get caught up in that wave. The story sort of takes on a tone of its own – it’s not mass hysteria, but perhaps mass hype, and it is part of our job to defend against that and not to fall in to the trap.

Go on…

“In today’s edition (9 March] there appears the headline ‘Woman holds hammer at Goody’s hospital bedside’. Paragraph 1 goes on to change ‘holds’ to ‘armed with’, which suggests presumption of possible intended assault.

“Paragraph 6 elevates the incident to ‘attack’ level, yet your report ends with a police statement that the woman arrested had been released, and that there would be no further action.

“While acknowledging that this falls gratifyingly short of the front page of one of today’s tabloids, which shrieks “Maniac attacks Jade with hammer”, I still feel that it is careless by the standards I expect from The Scotsman.”

Yeah, c’mon Max. What was the make of the hammer?

I think it is fair to say that if any unauthorised person turns up at a hospital bedside carrying a hammer then some questionable motives can be inferred.

Unless it’s the geriatric ward, when anything goes…

It would be safe to assume some element of hostility.


If the person had been carrying a knife or any other implement whose sole use is as a weapon, then “armed with” is accurate. In these circumstances it is probably unlikely that a hammer is going to be regarded simply as a tool – it is not possible to know exactly what use for the implement the person carrying it had in mind, but carpentry seems unlikely.

But let us not rule it out.

Jade Goody – let’s have a heated debate…

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