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Missing Madeleine McCann On BBC Daytime TV Show

by | 16th, March 2009

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Daily Record: “Quirke Start To A Mid-Life Crisis”

THE BBC’s new entertainment show Missing is on daytime telly. Quirk plays “DS Mary Jane Croft, a charismatic detective who runs an under-resourced department. The drama, set in a busy Missing Persons Unit, sees staff race against time to save people who are at risk.”

“But I’m pleased I’ve filmed the series. It’s entertainment – I wouldn’t claim it to be anything else – but you never know, do you? Somebody who has had a fall-out with their family and has gone missing may see the show, feel a pang of conscience and get in touch with relatives who are worried sick about what has happened to them.”

Pauline is relieved to report nobody has ever gone missing from her own family – husband Steve Sheen and children Emily, 24, and Charlie, 14.


She says: “I can, truly, think of nothing worse than missing a child and for that uncertainty to continue – as it has for the parents of Madeleine McCann – must be unbearable.

Fact and fiction – can you spot the difference?

The Herald: “Body discovered in loch believed to be missing Uist cadet”

The mysterious disappearance had haunted the island community since Christmas, but it now looks as if the long search for a 21-year-old merchant navy cadet who went missing almost three months ago is at an end.

The people of South Uist have been looking for Simon MacMillan since he vanished in the early hours of Boxing Day in the township of Linique in the Iochdar area of the island…

A group of locals discovered a body at around 10.30am yesterday in Loch Bee, just south of the road between Linique and Mr MacMillan’s home in Ardmore.

And context?

Northern Constabulary brought in Mark Harrison, the national search adviser to the National Policing Improvement Agency, who was also involved in the search for Madeleine McCann.

Is Our Maddy on your CV?

The Scotsman:

However, after police drew a blank, an expert who had reviewed the hunt for Madeleine McCann was called in to help develop new leads.

The Times:

Local police also recruited Mark Harrison, the national search adviser to the National Policing Improvement Agency, who had previously worked with West Midlands police following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The Guardian: “PCC targets Sunday Express over Dunblane allegations”

The Press Complaints Commission has launched an investigation after the Scottish edition of the Sunday Express ran a front page story alleging survivors of the Dunblane massacre “shamed” the memory of their dead friends by boasting about drunken nights out on social networking websites.

The article, titled “Anniversary shame of Dunblane: internet boasts of sex, drink and violence as youngsters hit 18” appeared on March 8. It claimed that a number of the those who witnessed the massacre first-hand had “posted shocking blogs and photographs of themselves on the internet, 13 years after being sheltered from public view in the aftermath of the atrocity”.

Sixteen children and their teacher were murdered when gunman Thomas Hamilton burst into the gym at Dunblane Primary School and opened fire on March 13 1996. Hamilton then turned the gun on himself.

Children of Dunblane Horror Grow Up Normally – read all about it!


The editor of the Daily Express, Peter Hill, left the board of the PCC last year following front page and high court apologies from Express Newspapers titles the Daily Express, Daily Star, Sunday Express and Daily Star Sunday over a string of false stories about the disappearance of four-year-old Madeline McCann, which resulted in payments of £550,000 in damages to the McCann family.

Never let her lie…

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