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Hitler’s War On The Environment

by | 16th, March 2009

GLOBAL warming is not a religion, it is aa war, people. It is the War on Global Warming. Ask yourself this, my Herrenvolk, “What did you do in the war?” Paul Sinclair, writing in The Age knows:

THE thought of the earth’s future depending on global governments reaching an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a meeting in Copenhagen in December fills me with terror.

I don’t often feel terror. A bad dream of my children suffering some awful fate will do it to me… Australians have always been prepared to fight for a future they could believe in, even when the chances of success were slim.

Green shirts… to the planes! Reach for the skies!

I wear a watch once owned by my great-uncle, Grover Hurle, who died navigating a Lancaster bomber over Adolf Hitler’s Berlin on August 23, 1943. Grover was engaged to be married and his body was never found…

Each time I wind his watch I wonder how Grover found the courage to climb into his bomber, so heavy and slow they were sitting ducks for enemy fighters…

Maybe our odds of halting the dismantling of our river systems, forest grasslands, oceans and atmosphere are better than we sometimes imagine.

And then:

The greenhouse gas emissions pumped into the atmosphere by the war machines of Germany and the Allies in 1943 are still up there.

Non greens are Nazis. Which comes as a shock to some. And: Austria For Green Shirts, Black Shirts And Brown Shirts. Those Auschwitz ovens will do for us all.

Every time Grover and his mates flew, they made a choice between self-preservation and their duty to each other and the objective of defeating Nazi Germany. It was never easy, and those who couldn’t face the odds were shamed by the authorities as “LMF” — lacking moral fibre.

Is our Government “LMF” in the struggle between the self-serving polluters and our common global and national best interest? The chance of getting a global agreement at Copenhagen may be mixed, but our odds are still better than those Australians have faced and overcome in the past.

The author, Dr Paul Sinclair, “is healthy ecosystems program manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation.”

Spotter: Andrew Bolt

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