Anorak News | Teacher Invents Three Dead Lovers To Skip School

Teacher Invents Three Dead Lovers To Skip School

by | 17th, March 2009

DAVID Flinn, a maths teacher at Hartlepool’s Manor College of Technology, wagged school by telling his class that his girlfriend had died for Aids. And the other one died in a car crash. And the other one just, like, died in America.

In all, three of Mr Flin”s lovers died.

The General Teaching Council misconduct panel, Birmingham chapter, found Mr Flinn had made up the funerals. The note from his mum was a forgery.

Mr Flinn once arrived for class with walking stick, claiming to have been struck by a car.

Flinn arrived with his arm bandaged, havign been, er, given an implant to control his adrenalin levels.

Says the college’s deputy headteacher, Martin Robson:

“There was a suspicion that something wasn’t right, but we continued to support him. He engaged in systematic and wilful deceit over a long period of time.”

His girl was not present…

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