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Jade Goody’s Last Words

by | 17th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer with the Last Rites Video, no Shilpa Shetty and the last words…

The Sun: “JADE: Don’t let my sons see me die”

Turn off the telly. Stop the cameras. Hide the control for the Sky Plus.

The Sun: “Dying Jade: ‘I Hope I Gave You A Laugh’”

The Sun: “Jade’s last look at sunny fields”

JADE Goody was propped up in bed yesterday — to catch one last glimpse of the sun-kissed fields before she dies.

Last acts are the tabloids’ filler. We have to dare seen: Jade’s last interview, Jade’s last wedding, Jade’s last dress, Jade’s last fight, Jade’s last slice of toast, Jade’s last Christening, Jade’s last party, Jade’s Last Rites and now we have Jade’s last view

The Times
: “Jade Goody’s last time on TV

Now Magazine: Says Jade in her last column (?):

“I was knackered after the hour-and-a- half journey back to Essex, so I spent the rest of Wednesday sleeping it off. I hadn’t seen (sons) Bobby and Freddy since the christening, so I really wanted to see their faces and give them a big hug. They’ve been staying with their dad, Jeff (Brazier).

“He picked them up from school on Thursday and brought them straight to see me. Little Freddy was so excited. He was the first one in the front door. I was so emotional, I burst into tears. I was so happy to see them. They stayed for about three hours and we spent the time playing and cuddling.”

She continues:

“It’s horrible saying goodbye not knowing if I’ll see them again. I just want us to spend as much time together as we can.”


“Can you believe I got a message from Michael Jackson? The king of pop! I’ve always been a massive fan. I love him. He got his people to call the hospital because he wanted to speak to me and wish me well. But I was asleep! What am I like? So he recorded a little answerphone message and Jack (husband Jack Tweed) played it to me.”

Jackson has a new concert to promote.

Daily Star: “I’ll never see my dear boys again”


RONAN Keating has created the perfect gift for mums everywhere on Sunday by recording an album called Songs For My Mother. But his own mum Marie will never hear the collection. She died of breast cancer a decade ago…

Watching 27-year-old Jade Goody’s public battle with terminal cancer has brought back some painful memories for Ronan.

Daily Star: “JADE’S LAST RITES – Video”

A video of Jade’s Last Rites.

Sify: “Shilpa Shetty unable to meet Jade Goody”

Says Shilpa:

“When I left for London on Sunday, I thought I’d be able to meet her but her condition has deteriorated further. She’s heavily drugged and hardly awake. I really want to meet her but unfortunately only her mother and husband are allowed to be with her. I’ve no choice but to respect that.”

And tell the papers.

“I really feel terrible about what has happened to her. All I can do is pray. I’m not giving up hope of seeing her one last time.”

Isn’t prayer a private matter?

Shilpa Shetty unable to meet Jade Goody

It’s a Lloyd-George-knew-my-father moment. Surely:

UK & World News Jade ‘too ill’ for Shilpa visit

Irish Independent: “Let’s hear about heroes, not cowards” – Letters:

A lot of people have turned their noses up at the media coverage of Jade Goody. They have found her very public journey toward death distasteful, arguing that such things should be kept private.

There is one thing I’m certain of.

I’d rather hear about the Jade Goodys of this world — their valiant struggles against illnesses like cervical cancer and their attempts to raise money for their children’s education while at the same time raising awareness of the illness — than have to read about animals who kill policemen and unarmed soldiers collecting pizzas.

Daily Mirror – Sue Carroll: “Sympathy? Kerry Katona’s right out of credit”

Perhaps it’s just a bizarre coincidence but Kerry Katona, who can hardly draw breath without the oxygen of publicity, managed to eclipse Jade Goody last week with tales of her own domestic woes. The fact that her failing marriage to former cabbie Mark Croft hardly compared to the tragedy of a young mother whose hours are numbered appeared to be lost on Kerry, determined to hog her share of the limelight.

Now read on…

And at the heart of this is a truth she seems unable to recognise – she is just 28 with four beautiful, healthy children. Kerry may think her life is a mess but I very much doubt Jade would see it that way.

Well, Jade isn’t bi-polar, is she, nor did she choose to be ill.

Daily Mail:

In February, Gordon Brown issued a statement about Jade Goody, saying: ‘It’s sad and tragic.

‘Her determination to help her family is something I applaud. I wish her well and know the whole country will be anxious about her health.’

He is expected to make a further statement if the former Big Brother contestant dies.

Will the Queen follow suit? ‘I am not aware any statement is planned,’ says a spokesman, ‘but, if one is made, it’ll be considered private.


Just scanned through the other threads on here and I think a lot of the posters on here need to seriously think about what they are saying. She got a lucky break on a tv reality show.She didnt kill anyone.She didnt do anyone any harm and she is going to die of cancer at the age of 27. I hope you lot who are gloating at her demise never have to go through what her kids are going to face in the next few years.What goes around comes around.You should be ashamed. – Jimmythemoonlight

Seeing her face on the front of just about every tabloid for the last few days has sickened me really. No dignity – Dibzzzz

South Wales Evening Post: “Has coverage of Jade Goody’s illness gone to far? Join the new debate”

Let’s have a heated debate.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Doctors in Wandsworth have seen an increase in the uptake of cervical smear tests thanks to the “Jade Goody effect”, one GP said this week.

The theory – which claims the number of women taking smear tests has increased since the Big Brother star’s cervical cancer diagnosis – is believed by some medical experts to be responsible for a 20 per cent increase in smear tests throughout the UK in recent months.

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