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Bus Driver Clubs Fake Seal To Death

by | 17th, March 2009

IN Halifax, Canada, a bus driver is being suspended with pay while Metro Transit investigates why he “jumped out of his bus and used a stick to beat a toy seal being used as a prop by anti-seal hunt protesters”.

Says Metro Transit general manager Pat Soanes:

“This behaviour is unacceptable.”

Says Staff Sgt. Don Fox, of the Halifax Regional Police:

“He exited the bus and went over to the area where the protesters were, and began beating on the stuffed animal seal that was on the ground there.”

Says Bridget Curran, who was speaking at the anti-sealing protest when the bus driver approached:

“It was a black retractable baton, which is a weapon. I saw it quite clearly,” Bridget Curran, director of the Atlantic Canadian Anti-Sealing Coalition, said yesterday.

“He was running across the street, brandishing this baton in his hand, running at us. A few people actually thought that he was coming for them.”

Ms. Curran said the driver called out to nearby television cameras and asked, “Are you rolling?”

The seal was made from fake fur, allegedly…

In Spain, that hotbed of seal action:

Around 100 people stripped naked and lay on the ground in a central Madrid square on Sunday as part of an international day of protest against Canada’s annual seal hunt, due to resume next month.

The members of animal rights group Equanimal smeared themselves in red liquid to signify a “massacre” of seals by Canada, where the annual seal hunt is due to resume in April. Some wore red underwear, others were totally nude.

Someone get those seals some clothes:

“This is the first time that I get naked for a cause like this,” one of the participants in the protest, Jose Antonio Polo, told public television TVE.

“It is very sad because I put myself in the skin of these animals who are treated like objects and they are not objects, they are individuals who have the right to be born and live in freedom,” he added.

Spotter, and.

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