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Josef Fritzl’s Blue Binder Talks

by | 18th, March 2009

FRITZL Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at media treatment of Josef Fritzl – the case of the blue binder

With none of the massed ranks of hacks allowed inside the courtroom, what can they talk about? Let’s see..

Daily Mirror: “31 years with my father the monster, BY ELISABETH FRITZL.”

As front-page scoops go this one’s right up there with the best of them. How did the Mirror manage to get Josef Fritzl’s tortured daughter in an interview, and with her in the middle to a trial, and all?


Austrian authorities yesterday denied the Fritzl trial was being held behind closed doors to prevent the “dark secrets” of their country being revealed… Politicians deny that the scandal reflects profounder questions at the heart of Austrian society.

Shhh! Don’t mention the you know what… yet.

Daily Star: “Evil dad tortured girl with sex toys”

The Guardian: “Josef Fritzl trial: the blue ringbinder”

Where can we get one?

The folder the accused uses to hide his face from the cameras is ‘not a prop provided by the court’.

Where can we get one?

After the first day of the trial, Fritzl’s lawyer Rudolf Mayer explained why his client used the ringbinder. “He was simply embarrassed,” he said.

He’s blue in the face with shame.

In response, Austria’s Heute newspaper ran a headline saying: “25 years too late: Now he’s ashamed”.

The Austrian psychiatrist Reinhard Haller had a different explanation for the binder. “The disguise is deeply symbolic. The folder is like a wall, similar to those involved in his crimes,” he said.

Let’s have a heated debate.

Sky: “Josef Fritzl Incest Cellar Trial Goes Public”

The public will finally be allowed into the trial of Josef Fritzl – the Austrian who fathered seven children with a daughter he trapped in a cellar.

Cancel the exclusive the staionery expose.

Reporters have previously been excluded for harrowing video evidence from Elisabeth Fritzl, who spent 24 years underground.

Globe & Mail: “Jailing the jailer”

Josef Fritzl will not be sentenced to life imprisonment if by imprisonment we mean that he will spend a number of years sleeping on clean sheets, receiving three square meals a day, and will be obligated to spend a designated period of time out of doors in contact with fresh air and sunlight.

Is that what we mean?

No, imprisonment best describes the life sentence of squalor, abuse and isolation characteristic of the cramped, sunlight-deprived quarters in which he held captive his daughter and some of the children he fathered with her for a quarter-century.

Jail time for Mr. Fritzl would be like a lengthy stay at a four-star hotel by comparison.

Lock him in his own cellar?

Daily Mail: “’My ordeal in the dungeon’: Elisabeth Fritzl tells court of 24 years of hell at the hands of her monster father”

Caption 1:

Face of the monster revealed: Josef Fritzl, still clutching the blue binder he used to hide his face from the media, glares at guards as he arrives in the courtroom today

Caption 2:

At other times Fritzl tried to obscure his face with the blue binder, which appeared to be the same as the binder he hid behind yesterday

Daily Telegraph: “Josef Fritzl trial: Daughter Elisabeth describes 24 years of abuse”

Fritzl, whose face was photographed in court yesterday when he momentarily put down the blue folder which he has been using to shield himself from the cameras, was asked to give his response to Elisabeth’s allegations at the end of each section.

A blue folder? Or the blue binder?

Much to discuss…

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