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Natasha Richardson’s Last Words

by | 19th, March 2009

THE Mail leads with news that Vanessa Redgrave is in “a vigil” for her dying daughter, Natasha Richardson.

The Telegraph shows the worried mother heading toward “Redgrave’s family vigil”.

The rest of the world leads with news that Natasha Richardson has died. The Sun, however, focuces on the living, telling its readers:


Neeson is Liam Neeson, Richardson’s partner in life. And at once the focus switches from the blonde – unable to wear another dress to a do – to the man who will surley have a few words to say on his dead lover, and thereby create more news.

And then there is the bigger picture, covered by the Telegraph:

Natasha Richardson’s death ‘should not put people off skiing‘ – Natasha Richardson’s death should not put people off skiing because it is no more dangerous than a game of football, safety experts said.


A spokeswoman for the Ski Club of Great Britain said skiers and snowboarders put themselves most at risk by being reckless.

Richardson died after a fall on the nursey slopes.

Says a woman with vested interest, who never met Richardson:

“The Ski Club of Great Britain advises skiers and snowboarders to always be in control of their speed and ensure they are skiing or snowboarding within their own ability. It is important to be aware of other mountain users and obey the rules of the slopes. As long as these guidelines are followed, skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed safely and by people of all ages and levels.”

Phew! What about the money?

Reflecting on Natasha Richardson’s accident, Christopher Moore, personal injury lawyer at Steeles Law, added: “This tragic accident highlights that whilst skiing is a fun sport, the injuries can be very serious and you should take legal advice if you have been seriously hurt in a skiing accident.


“From a financial point of view it just shows taking out insurance is essential because often the accident occurs abroad and the medical costs have been known to run into millions of pounds.”

And now a few words from a doctor:

Natasha Richardson: Simple head injuries can kill, leading doctor warns – It is entirely possible to suffer a lethal head injury from a simple fall and bang on the head.

That’s the cold science for you – always right.

It’s time for a heated debate:

New York Magazine invites one and all: “Let’s Talk About Natasha Richardson.”

Yeah, let’s. You go first…

Natasha Richardson is a famous actress. But not outrageously so, like Angelina Jolie or Reese Witherspoon. She’s likably famous.

And dead…


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