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Jade Goody’s Greek Miracle Worker

by | 20th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer with Natasha Richardson and Greek star Efi Thodi…

Daily Telegraph – Simon Heffer: “Natasha Richardson: Death is a tragedy, not a showbiz spectacle”

I know our media can be tasteless in these matters, but in America celebrity death is larded with a peculiarly disgusting hypocrisy, seen as a perfectly fair means to pursue ratings. The next morning my stomach was barely strong enough to cope with the sight of a glammed-up showbiz reporter, on one of the breakfast television shows, standing right outside Liam Neeson’s house and retailing, with a straight face, how the family wished its privacy to be respected at this “difficult” time.

Says Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph – the paper that brought you: “The death of Natasha Richardson after a skiing accident has reignited speculation about a ‘curse’ claimed to affect the Redgrave acting family.

I know that people like Miss Richardson and her family of actors rely on the interest of the public to make a living, and shouldn’t expect to pick and choose when the media pursue them.

No, Richardson – who was married – rely on the directors and producers to hire them to appear in productions, for which punters are willing to pay to be entertained by. The play’s the thing…

But despite the efforts of the unfortunate Jade Goody, death is not showbiz. It is a stark human tragedy, and not least in this awful case.

London Daily News: “Greek “Jade” captivates a nation in meltdown”

Efi Thodi a Greek female singer who has captivated a whole nation is being described as the Greek equivalent of Jade Goody. The queen of Greek “Trash TV” the gossip pages and even serious newspapers in Greece have been engrossed with the activities of the singer…

Reports from the Greek media have also stated that Thodi is able to perform miracles and cure diseases including cancer, with other reports saying that the monks of the sect have given Thodi special powers given to her by God.

When Jade meets Jadvros…

The singers family have made concerns public that the singer is “melting down” in public and that her links to this mysterious sect and declarations that her abilities to speak to God and perform miracles are bizarre.

Links have been made to the British reality star Jade Goody and the meltdown the British star has experienced and her terminal cancer.

Jade Goody is alive…

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