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Jade Goody’s Dying Wish

by | 21st, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer with Jade’s miracle, exclusive cancer and we are all Jack Tweed now…

Daily Star: “MOTHER’S DAY MIRACLE FOR JADE – Brave last fight to see her boys”

A miracle needs a miracle worker – and here she is.

TRAGIC Jade Goody is desperate to live long enough to treat her boys to a Mother’s Day “miracle”. She dreams of one final happy day tomorrow with Bobby, five, and Freddy, four, before she dies.

The terminally-ill young mum has told her family: “I want them to have happy memories of me and to wish them a proper goodbye.” It is this burning wish that has driven her to summon up her fading strength to defy death a little longer.

Daily Mirror: “Jade fights to see final Mum’s Day”

This story is labelled “EXCLUSIVE CANCER.”

It’s not your everyday cancer. This is VIP cancer…

It’s Jade’s last cancer – after, Jade’s last interview, Jade’s last wedding, Jade’s last dress, Jade’s last fight, Jade’s last slice of toast, Jade’s last Christening, Jade’s last party, Jade’s Last Rites; Jade’s last view, Jade’s last breath and Jade’s last Mother’s Day.

A friend said: “Nobody wants the boys to see Jade suffering. She is asleep and heavily sedated most of the time. If she has a period of consciousness over the weekend, they are hoping the boys will be able to come and see her for Mother’s Day.”

Daily Mail: “Can Jade hold on for one last Mother’s Day with her boys?”

Vote…now! OK! says “No“. What say you?

Daily Mirror: “Tweed has turned his back on Jack the lad”

Tony Parsons is having a heated debate about Jack Tweed, Mr Jade Goody.

At 21, Jack Tweed is struggling with things that should be 50 years away.


Grief. Loss. Bereavement. The unremitting cruelty of terminal illness. The death of a wife. At an age when many of his contemporaries are slurping Pot Noodles at university, he has his face pressed up against the very worst this world has to offer.

And eating porridge, right?

…Since coming out of prison in the first month of this year, Tweed has been unflinching in his love and support for Jade in her blackest days. He has not had the credit he deserves.

Trouble follows Jack around, or perhaps he follows trouble. JT rhymes with P, and that spells G, and that spells GOLF, and that spells trouble…

Or perhaps trouble is his middle name?

…He is far, far more than some dumb yob and is proving it every day by the calm, dignified, loving way he has dealt with Jade’s cancer. Comparing Jack to Ashley Cole is just plain wrong.

Note to Tony Parsons: don’t do it.

Tweed has seen a side of life – and death – that the average Premiership footballer will not have to endure until he is an old man. I don’t know Jack Tweed yet I feel that I recognise him.

It’s Ashley Cole!

The borderlands of Essex and London are full of young men like Jack Tweed. And you can find them in Liverpool and Newcastle and Birmingham.

Very specific JT spotting. Old Mr Anorak once met a man called Jack Tweed in Melton Mowbray. Could he be a different sort of Jack Tweed?

They are everywhere. I grew up with dozens of them. Probably you did, too…But spare a brief thought for the 21-year-old husband that she will leave behind and who will soon be forgotten as the world moves on.

No. As soon as he gets another lover, we will see the original Jack Tweed again. And we will watch for him tripping up, or his lover being a strumpet or telling her story to the press. Kerry Katona is on line 1…

Financial Times: “Disrespecting you to the max”

Celebrity culture is as layered in status as the pre-revolutionary Russian aristocracy – with the vital difference (these are democratic times) that it is mobile, and anyone can become tsar, for a day or a week.

Presently its tsarina is Jade Goody, whose final throw is the presentation of her imminent death to the world.

Max, call Disney.

In Max Clifford as Court Chamberlain, carrying bulletins to the grieving people, she has chosen the boldest celebrity statesman of the era. There is nobility in it: a celebrity ruler should know how to die as much as did those who inherited their title, and she demonstrates poignantly both that celebrity lives by attention and that, in getting it the hard way, she has the stuff that a self-made aristocracy must have to survive.

In this she has put herself beyond serious challenge or criticism.

See entire media.

Sindh Today: “Goody tells mum to get teeth fixed to look her best at funeral”

She was ever the dental nurse to the end.

Cancer-stricken Jade Goody has told her mum to get her teeth fixed so that she looks her best at her daughter’s funeral, according to sources.

The 27-year-old was said to have ordered dentist-fearing Jackiey Budden, who had apparently cancelled three appointments in four months, to get the gap patched up as soon as she can.

The Sun: “Get your teeth fixed for my funeral, Mum”

Jackiey underwent massive dental reconstruction as part of a makeover for a reality TV show three years ago. But she later broke the incisor chomping on a sweet during a flight.

The Times: “Our macabre interest in death predates Jade Goody – Regarding death, where do you draw the line between voyeurism and art?”

Kate Muir finds that death existed before Jade Goody. Now read on…

Without further probing the unfortunate Goody’s long, media-mediated goodbye, it does raise the question of how our culture handles the watching of death. Where do you draw the line between voyeurism and art? How does a mawkish television documentary avoid becoming a snuff movie?

Not wishing to probe…

The Guardian: “The maternal inheritance – We share in the heritage that saw mothers define nurture and suffering, but much has changed”

Mothers are caught between the allure of traditional images of nurture and the aspirations of autonomy formed by women in recent decades. As the stories of Jade Goody, Julie Myerson and Michelle Obama have shown, the dilemmas faced by mothers are not only personal dramas but the subject of collective fascination and bemusement.

Tabloid Bingo!

Jade Goody is alive…

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