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Westboro Baptist Church Curses Natasha Richardson

by | 21st, March 2009

NATASHA Richardson has died. Now for the story, the sentimentality and hearing from the vested interest groups…

The SunLorraine Kelly: “Tragic Natasha wasn’t even able to say goodbye”

A MOTHER of two young sons died this week in a tragedy that should never have happened.

Where, Lorraine, where..?

But this wasn’t the sadly inevitable death of poor Jade Goody, who could perhaps have beaten cervical cancer if it had been caught and treated in time. No. This was the truly shocking demise of Natasha Richardson, beloved wife of Liam Neeson, who was fatally injured in a skiing accident.

Jade. Richardson. Cancer on skis!

God only knows what her husband and sons and the rest of her family are going through. The raw grief is etched on their pale, distraught faces.

Let’s imagine their pain. Think. Think. Lorraine…

It has, however, now emerged that Natasha could not quite believe she was so blessed and thought her family was “cursed”.

It’s the curse of the “ridiculously good-looking, well off” and successful. Curse those curses!

After her untimely death at the age of 45, at the height of her beauty and with her personal and professional career blooming, it is perhaps tempting to believe that there might be something sinister afoot.

Temptation comes in many forms…

I do not, however, buy into such nonsense, and I think it is horribly cruel for those around her to claim there is a “Redgrave curse”.

Hurrah for Lorraine, a woman brave enough to dismiss her own copy as nonsense. More hacks like here, we say.

At least those who love Jade have been able to say their goodbyes. I know it is small comfort but it was something denied to Natasha’s family.

Tomorrow is, of course, Mother’s Day and our thoughts are with all those who won’t be buying cards or flowers for their beloved mother because she is no longer with them. It should certainly make the rest of us appreciate how lucky we are to still have our mums in our lives.

Daily Mail: Jan Moir:

Earlier this year, I saw Redgrave perform in The Year Of Magical Thinking at the National Theatre. This one-woman play is a stage adaptation of American author Joan Didion’s book about the sudden death of her husband in 2003.

Fact and fiction – can you spot the difference?

To be honest, it was a difficult evening. The monologue is long, with no interval. Sometimes Vanessa struggled with the American accent required. But there is one searing moment, in this roaming exploration of bereavement, that stopped the audience in its tracks.

This family death ‘may seem a while ago, but it won’t when it happens to you’, says Redgrave, her pale eyes raking through the stalls. ‘And it will happen to you. The details will be different, but it will happen to you. That is what I am here to tell you.’

It is the darkest and most terrible of ironies that she now finds herself so equally and suddenly bereaved.

What’s your vested interested, in regard to the dead star?

Philly: “Church says it will picket Richardson’s funeral”

THOSE CHARMERS from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., better known as those people parading around with “God Hates Fags” signs, are at it again: The group says it will picket the funeral of Natasha Richardson, the Tony-winning actress and wife of Liam Neeson who died after a skiing accident Wednesday at the age of 45.

With the same verve, bizarre capitalization and disconnect with reality typical of its news releases, WBC announced:

“God appointed the Bunny Slope to Ensnare the Simple Sluts of Doomed America! Thank God for the Bunny Slope of Cursed Quebec, Canada!”

The Sun: “Natasha said no to £6 helmet”

If only…

One staff member said: “We are heartbroken that we didn’t do more to persuade her to wear one. A helmet would have cost her just ten dollars (Canadian).

“Every skier is encouraged to wear a helmet, especially beginners like Natasha. But it is not legally enforced and they can always refuse.

“I remember Natasha coming into the shop before her lesson. She seemed cheerful, bright and extremely beautiful.

“She said she wasn’t a good skier and was a little nervous. She spoke to other staff about her equipment, and they offered her some headgear.”

The Gazette (Canada): “All head injuries should be taken seriously”

On Friday, Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight was involved in a three-car collision in Los Angeles. He walked away. Knight was strongly criticized – not for the accident, but for refusing to go to a hospital to be checked for possible injuries, especially to the head.

This is just one example of how the death of Natasha Richardson, after hitting her head on the slopes at Mont Tremblant, has heightened awareness of the dangers of injuries to the brain. (Unfortunately the TV actor’s awareness level evidently remains low.)

Windsor Star: “Helmets on the ski slope”

Would Natasha Richardson have survived if she’d been wearing a helmet when she fell on a Montreal ski slope on Monday?

Let’s have a heated debate…

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