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Jade Goody Book Of Condolences

by | 23rd, March 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s death

Daily Express: “My beautiful Jade is at peace”

The Sun: “At Peace on Mother’s Day”

“Her two beloved boys lost their mum”
“Her mum lost her beautiful daughter”

A grandfather loses a granddaughter; a cousin loses a cousin; a postman loses a …

Read about how beautiful the Sun thought Jade was here.

The Sun: “Mummy’s in heaven now”

After days of wondering how Jade would tell her sons she was dying (see front-page news), the Sun finally realises they might be able to read and speaks directly to them.

JADE’S two little boys woke up on Mother’s Day excitedly expecting to give her cards they had made — only to be gently told she had gone to Heaven.

The Sun: “£4m legacy gives lads a better start”

Good money. And here’s another 5k.

The Sun: “Pics of Jade’s boys in coffin”


PHOTOS of Bobby and Freddie will be placed in Jade’s coffin for her funeral — which the dying mum planned herself.

Were you entertained?

EARLIER this week the Guardian, along with The Sun, criticised OK! magazine’s “Jade Goody Official Tribute Issue 1981-2009” as being premature while she clings to life. Then yesterday Guardian political editor Michael White criticised Jade herself, saying: “Jade Goody seems to be taking part in her own death for the benefit of the media.” Where can the Guardian go next?

And the Sun, which gave us:

I urge you to exercise your democratic right and vote the pig out.

Daily Mirror: “Mummy’s in heaven”

“Jade’s boys gently told as she dies on Mother’s Day”


There is an 8-page tribute.

Jade Goody RIP: Tributes from our Daily Mirror columnists

Eight-pages to fill – c’mon!

Sue Carroll:

If there’s a good way to die then Jade showed us how it could be done. She removed, perhaps forever, the fears and taboos associated with death by turning her own into an inspirational performance which will give succour to thousands more.

Tony Stewart:

She went from clown to pariah to – well, what? National treasure? I can’t be the only one who recalls the outpouring of grief that followed the death of Princess Diana, a woman from the other end of the social strata.

The country learned to love Jade, in the way that they fell for Diana. Both women grew up in public. The princess and the pauper.

Jade Goody Pays Tribute To Princess Diana

It’s class war. Get this:

Snobs despised the national mourning that followed the death of Diana…

Diana lived in the spotlight but died in the darkness…

Middle class commentators will say it’s all wrong. But those rocky years on TV defined Jade, they gave her unlucky, short life meaning and validity.

Someone tell Stewart, Jade’s sending her children to private school…

Polly Hudson:

I’m standing with Jade, who is absolutely beaming, her eyes shining with excitement – all her dreams had come true. If someone had told me then that seven years later she’d be dead, it would have been beyond comprehension. Old people die, not bouncy balls of energy with everything to live for.

Fiona Phillips:

Jade was an extraordinary person and I feel really very sad that she’s gone. Even the fact that she died on Mother’s Day is pure Jade, she couldn’t have gone on just any old, ordinary day!

And if she stayed alive until yesterday on pure willpower for the boys she adored, that doesn’t surprise me. Jade was determined to make the most of everything that life threw at her, good and bad.

Daily Mirror: “You may not have known where East Anglia was but you knew the way to our hearts”

The Mirror is reading cards left by Jade’s home:

One message reads: “Hugs and kisses to our Princess of Essex“…

See above…

Pensioner Marjorie Loftus, of Barnet, North London, referred to Jade’s time in Big Brother where she was ribbed for her poor grasp of knowledge and geography. The 78-year-old wrote: “You may not have known where East Anglia was but you knew the way to our hearts.”


Little Daisy Price arrived to lay flowers. The seven-year-old had a simple message: “She was lovely.” Mum Donna, 33, said: “Jade was remarkable.”

Good language skills. Seven?

I didn’t know her personally but I would have liked to have done. It is so sad, especially on Mother’s Day.”

From the mouth of a seven-year-olds.

Dubliner Irene Devereux said:

Jade is a modern day saint. She inspired me. The way she has looked after her kids and performed in public is extraordinary.

Daily Mail: “Jade was unique, brave and leaves a legacy that just might save lives. But one thing she never claimed to be was a saint.”

Well, not unless the show demanded it – the Reality Lives Of Saints never got past the pilot episode. “Saint Augustus, you ****!”

Daily Star: “JADE 1981-2009 – Life and death of ultimate BB star”

Daily Telegraph: “Reality star’s life and death in the TV spotlight”

Why reality star? What not “TV star”, or “media darling”?

The Guardian: “At peace and finally out of the limelight”

Front-page, er, news.

The Herald: “Emotion overtakes normally cool king of PR spin”

Generally acknowledged as one of the shrewdest practitioners of his trade, he is known for his no-nonsense manner as well as the famous, and occasionally infamous, celebrities he represents. But yesterday, when PR guru Max Clifford was asked about how the death of client Jade Goody had affected him personally, the 65-year -old had to take a moment to compose himself before replying: “This is just very sad. We got very close.”


“I have got a lot of respect and admiration for the girl. She was a 27-year-old facing up to her cancer and she was providing for her boys and making sure they got the start in life she never had.”


JADE Goody is dead and the celebrity culture that created her public persona is already in overdrive. Tabloid and magazine coverage of her funeral will be as prurient, intrusive and watched as Princess Diana’s demise.

Jade’s children have already become public property with past treatment of Wills and Harry held up as the template for permissible media intrusion.

Jade Goody is dead.

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