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eBay Won’t Send Goods Unless You Obey Grammar Rules

by | 23rd, March 2009

ON eBay, you need to address everything correctly, or else. You need to comply with the laws of grammar. You need to do this or eBay will not let you have the goods…



When completing your payment by Paypal, please ensure that your despatch name and address have clear grammatical capital letters

i.e. Ms Jones, Seaview, Devon, UK’   NOT  ‘ms jones, seaview, devon, uk’

All names and places begin with capital letters and we will not send parcels labelled in lower case.

If you choose to use all lower case letters in your despatch name and address, we will invoice you an additional 30p over and above the cost of your item and shipping total. This is a condition of sale (yup, no kidding).

The 30p is a fee for our time in changing the text to include capital letters.

If you choose to give us your postage details in lower case, the 30p fee must be paid before the item is despatched

We will not send items until the 30p has been paid (still not kidding).

We are sticklers for grammar and respect of language here so the above is part of our terms and conditions of sale.

Please do not bid if you do not agree to abide by these conditions as part of the transaction.

It’s all about standards.



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