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Jade Goody’s New Reality TV Show

by | 24th, March 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career…

Daily Star: “Jade’s Final Journey”

Follwing: Jade’s last interview, Jade’s last wedding, Jade’s last dress, Jade’s last fight, Jade’s last slice of toast, Jade’s last Christening, Jade’s last party, Jade’s Last Rites; Jade’s last view, Jade’s last breath, Jade’s last Mother’s Day; Jade’s last wish and Jade’s last cat, we have Jade’s last journey…


Two new Jade reality TV shows
Remembrance statue in London

Local people are calling for money to be raised for a statue of Jade, who died aged 27, to be erected in Bermondsey – possibly in Albins’ memorial garden. A source close to the family said: “It’s something that Jade’s family would definitely support.”

“Plus amazing Di-Style Floral Shrine”


REALITY TV undertakers handling Jade Goody’s funeral are promising to give her a send-off fit for royalty.

Decapitated and her head placed on a pike?

Jade’s funeral will be on Saturday April 4 – the same day of the week that Princess Diana was buried in 1997. She is even “lying in state” just like Diana did – at the local funeral directors’ pine chapel of rest in her “manor” of Bermonsdey, south-east London.

It’s on the telly. It’s Jade Goody’s EastEnders Funeral.

With commemorative coin featuring the face of Jade on the front and Max Clifford on the reverse.

Digital Spy: “Living to air Jade Goody tribute shows”

Living is to air two special shows as a tribute to the late Jade Goody, it has announced. Following her death in the early hours of Sunday morning, Living will air two tribute shows which celebrate and document Jade’s life.

Jade: With Love will include new interviews with her close friends and family, together with her four previous Living series – Jade’s Salon, Just Jade, Jade’s PA and Living With Jade Goody.

Followed by an Easter Special in which Jade will reappear. Stay tuned.

The Sun: “Jade’s little fighter – Bobby and Freddy are just like Mum”

You “Tabloid F***awallah” they scream as one of them – let’s call him Harry Goody – pulls on some boxing gloves and pulls a face at the camera. No, not really, but the boxing loves and glare are real, really.

The Sun: Mother’s Never Really Die

Jade will rise again?

JADE Goody’s grief-stricken mum wept yesterday as she read out a poem called “Mothers Never Really Die”.


“Mothers never really die, they just keep house up in the sky.”

A penthouse? Jade is God’s cleaner?


“Bobby and Freddy – so very brave just like their mum”

That boxing picutre again.

“Inside YOUR salute to her – Our Jade

Daily Mirror: “Honesty & tears at the shrine to the Princess of Essex”

Even in the pouring rain, they came. All day long, a steady stream of people – some who’d travelled miles, others from round the corner. They all had the same aim. To let Jade know she was loved. “They say when it rains, the heavens open, don’t they?” says Kelly Smith, from Sutton in Surrey. “I hope that’s what’s happening. The door to heaven is being opened for Jade.”

The Queen of rough diamonds…

“It’s lovely to be with people who feel the same as I do,” says Lisa Dack from Cheshunt, Herts, whose five-year-old daughter Lily-Rose wanted to lay some flowers.

Make a day out of it. Bring the kids. Grieve to feel alive. It’s luv-erly…

Someone has written a poem, which they’ve attached to the gate-post with a simple cross. It reads, “God saw you getting tired/When a cure was not to be/So He wrapped his arms around you/And whispered “come to me”/You didn’t deserve what you went through/So he gave you a rest/God’s garden must be beautiful/He only takes the best/And when I saw you sleeping/So peaceful and free from pain/I could not wish you back/To suffer that again.”


Golf day with the lads?

Jade Goody’s heartbroken husband Jack Tweed is terrified he will be in jail when she is buried next week. Jack, 21, is to be sentenced on Thursday after he was convicted of drunkenly attacking a taxi driver. If magistrates decide to jail him he will miss Jade’s funeral which takes place a week on Saturday.

But don’t they let lags out for funerals?

A friend said: “After all he has been through, the last thing he wants is to miss the funeral. He wants to say goodbye to Jade and be with her friends and family when she is buried.”

He will be.

Daily Mirror: “The rock song which Jade and Jack chose for their wedding dance will be played at her funeral. Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing was picked by Jade to be played at the church.

Daily Mirror: “PHILLIP’S TEARS”

Phillip Schofield fought back tears on This Morning yesterday after learning that he and cohost Fern Britton were Jade Goody’s favourites.

Said Jade?

He choked up when her publicist Max Clifford told him: “She was very fond of you and Fern, and she always said how fairly you treated her. So thank you from her.”

Now: “Max Clifford: I wish I’d got Jade Goody to my doctor earlier”

Max Clifford is convinced Jade Goody might still be here if she’d seen his doctor sooner.

Spin doctor?

The Big Brother star, 27, died from terminal cancer in the early hours of yesterday morning. ‘I just wish that I’d got her to my doctor earlier,’ Max told This Morning. ‘My doctor saved my life when I had cancer a year ago by early diagnosis. ‘And had she seen him then and not two years too late then she’d be still with us. ‘But she has left a legacy to young girls and young girls who will owe their future to Jade Goody. Simple as that. ‘Campaigners have all said that the nation owes her for standing up and being so public about her own cancer when most people would’ve hidden away.’

Daily Express: “Cortege of 21 Daimlers and giant TV screen on her April 4 funeral”

Not April 1st?

Daily Mail: “Life’s grand for Jade Goody’s archbishop who holds weddings in pubs and circus rings”

Jade Goody was ‘a Saint of Upshire, a Princess of Bermondsey‘, said Archbishop Jonathan Blake, who perched on Andrew Marr’s BBC sofa.

Blake is a leader of the London-based Open Episcopal Church, established in 2001, which conducted Ms Goody’s recent wedding ceremony.

Jade Goody was ‘a Saint of Upshire, a Princess of Bermondsey’, said Archbishop Jonathan Blake, who perched on Andrew Marr’s BBC sofa.

Blake is a leader of the London-based Open Episcopal Church, established in 2001, which conducted Ms Goody’s recent wedding ceremony.

The Telegraph: “Al Jazeera English focused on its American dream – Al Jazeera English, the international television channel belonging to the Emir of Qatar’s news network, has a fight on its hands to conquer America.”

How can it do so?

On the day of Jade Goody’s death from cancer, a story that has gripped the UK media, a search of the Al Jazeera English website yields only one news piece from 2007. TV show tormentor ousted: Jade Goody is voted off Celebrity Big Brother after being accused of racism.

Call itself a serious news organ. Tsk! Pafetic!

Jade Goody is dead – bring on the afterlife…

The story so far.

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