Anorak News | Scare Stories: War, Chinese Condoms And Loving A Cannibal

Scare Stories: War, Chinese Condoms And Loving A Cannibal

by | 24th, March 2009

MEDIA Scare stories: Anorak’s daily look at horror stories making news –

Millions face ‘worst of both worlds’ as cost of living rises but rate for fixing pay and pensions falls to zero – Daily Mail

Man wrongly jailed for 27 years walks free … and is hit by a taxi Daily Mail

I want £5m for sex attacks by a priest – Daily Express

Any takers?

“Why are so many Americans so depressed about things these days? It is perhaps not just the economy” –Victor Davis Hanson,

Giving birth made my heart break – When Joanne Woodward gave birth to her son Tyler, her heart split in two – Daily Express

“With the Economy Down, Vasectomy Rates Are Up” –

Finance crisis ‘could lead to war’, IMF warns – Daily Mail

“U.S. Move to Cheaper Chinese Condoms Threatens American Jobs” – Kansas City Star

“Frugal Living is Antidote to Excess” – Sacramento Bee

“Rumor Has It: Watch Out Who You Pick Up Tonight in a Grand Rapids Bar – He Could Be a Cannibal! “-Grand Rapids

More media scare stories every day…

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