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Firefighters Saws Dogs In Half

by | 24th, March 2009

THE dogs are barking. Fire! The firefighters arrive and saw them in half:

When Walt Queen’s home caught fire, neighbors saw it turn into a fireball that they couldn’t imagine anything surviving.

The home was a complete loss, but when firefighters heard barking coming from the basement, they learned that not everything was lost.

Now read on:

“We heard a report that there were dogs in there and we were like, ‘Oh no,” Nathan Wilis said, a firefighter with the Pleasant View Fire Department.

When firefighters reached the basement of the home, the same area where it is believed the fire started, they found two adult Yorkshire terriers and 15 puppies.

“They were pretty scared,” Wilis said. “They were cold, they were wet, so we wrapped them in blankets and towels. They actually didn’t have enough, so they had to cut them in half to get them in blankets.

And ate them between a soft white roll…

Spotter: Jane Bradbury

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