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Italian Wags Bet They Can Seduce Beckham

by | 24th, March 2009

WHAT odds on David Beckham scoring off the field in Italy?

Stories abound that a coven of Italian WAGs have bet £20,000 on which of them can bed Becks.

Grazia magazine – “Euro WAG s hatch bet to bed David – see Becks working the tables at a cancer do, with “kisses”, “chat!” and “the odd shoulder squeeze”.

Grazia says Vicky Beckham will be “less than thrilled” to hear news of the bet to see which of them “can seduce David first”.

While many Beckham watchers wonder how anyone can work out Victoria’s mood by her unchanging facial expression (think backcombed Pikingese), Anorak wonders what Grazia means by “first”.

Grazia goes onto say that most of the Wags have “slept with several AC Milan players”, and the suspicion is that the ladies are part of the team’s famous training schedule.

New players begin with Olga, increasing their endurance with Svetlana before being put through their paces by Mariella, who uses a stopwatch, whistle and Prozone technology for a full 90 minutes, with a mid-session change of ends.

Indeed, the aged Paolo Maldini is said to keep in shape by traning with Lula, who lives on the fifth floor of the Milan Tower, which has no lift and uneven stairs.

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