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Amputee soldier punks David Beckham

by | 25th, March 2009

AH, pity professional footballers, living in their own bubble, with little or no understanding of the real world. They’re so gullible.

Witness David Beckham, who was tricked into thinking he had yanked off someone’s arm off at an England event yesterday. Fabio Capello’s squad was meeting the brave men and women of our armed forces, at their Colney training HQ, when a mischievous Marine decided to play a prank on Becks. Off the Post takes up the story:

Commando Ben McBean, who lost a leg and an arm in an explosion in Afghanistan, was listening to Becks tell him how he could not imagine life with one leg. The Marine told Beckham that you get used to it and held his hand out for a friendly handshake, only for Becks to be left holding the arm when the handshake was over as Ben screamed: “My arm! My arm!”

Ben said: “As he shook my hand I let it slip from the socket. He looked like he would faint.”

Impressed by how well the gag had gone, Ben later pulled the same trick on John Terry!

There was no news on whether any of England’s players also fell for the shoe polish-on-telescope trick.

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