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Jade Goody’s Jack Writes A Book

by | 26th, March 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with Jack’s book,

Daily Star: “Jade’s Jack sells his story – Intimate details fetch thousands”

TRAGIC Jade’s grieving husband Jack Tweed has been offered a fortune to write a tell-all book about his life with her. It would even be fast-tracked so that publishers can get it on the shelves as soon as possible.

Get it while she’s cold!

Jack, 21, has clinched several massive pay-outs from newspapers, magazines and TV companies after agreeing to sell his story.

His explosive book would tell:

How Jade’s death has devastated him.

How they split following claims that he cheated on her.

Anorak: “What the f** were you doing with that girl?” asks Jade? And lest Jack begin to answer, know that the question is rhetorical. As Jade says: “That the last straw.”

How he combated allegations he hooked up with Jade for cash.

How Jade stood by him when he was jailed.

How he will always be a dad to Jade’s two boys.


The explosive book would detail every aspect of the couple’s three-year relationship and Jack has told publishers he will not omit anything.


He will also pledge his undying love for Jade and her two boys and reveal how he believes he will never be able to get close to another girl again.

Unless he does and the press can expsoe her as a topless slapper…

Daily Mirror: “Jade Goody looks like Sleeping Beauty, says grieving mum Jackiey”

But after Jackiey Budden gazed at the brave mum-of-two lying in the chapel of rest, her spirits were lifted and she confided: “Jade looked so beautiful.

“She’s wearing her wedding dress. She looked like Sleeping Beauty.”

Spin the wheel. Spin… Spin… Spin… King Max Clifford… Spin… Prick!

She pointed out a spot where she hopes a memorial will be placed for Jade – just a short distance from where she grew up. Jackiey said: “This is just temporary. She’s going to be buried at the cemetery.” They were accompanied by a film crew making a documentary on Jade.

Leave us alone!

If OK! did death:

Simon Albin, funeral director at F. A. Albin, said: “Jade is lying in the chapel of rest. It’s very peaceful and a quiet place where her family and friends can reflect. The interior has burgundy carpets and cream walls.”

Very tasteful.

Daily Mirror: “Jade Goody’s death has affected everybody”

By Rebekah Gibbs is on CCN – Celebroty Cancer News:

Rebekah’s journey. In April former Casualty star Rebekah Gibbs, 36, was told she had breast cancer, just 10 weeks after giving birth to her daughter Gigi.

There’s only one thing that’s been on my mind this week, and of course it’s Jade. I want to pay tribute to her and I can’t stop thinking of those two little boys.

There was silence in our house when we heard, we had a tiny chat about it but it was so awful words failed me – they can’t express how sad I am for those boys.


Ms Budden also visited Jade’s house in Upshire last night to greet well-wishers. She said: “I went to see Jade this morning. She looked so beautiful. She’s wearing her wedding dress.”

Sky News: “Book Of Remembrance Opened For Jade Goody”

Big media catches up with Anorak – sign our book.

A book of remembrance for Jade Goody has been opened ahead of her funeral a week Saturday. The book, at St John The Baptist Church in Buckhurst, Essex, is available to all members of the public.

Visitors are able to leave messages as well as light a candle as a sign of reflection.

A candle in the wind…

The Times: “Grow up, Gazza, Jade’s death shows how dull celebrity sob stories are”

Carol Midgley on Paul Gascoigne and Jade Goody:

Take some advice, Paul, and save your breath. The public has just watched the remains of Jade Goody, 27, being carried out of her house. Right now sympathy-wise that puts you in the UniBond League. I’m sorry for your troubles but I’m more interested in the internal life of this bluebottle on my windowsill than I am in the never-ending sob story that is Paul Gascoigne.

Look out for Carol’s 1,000 breathless words on her bluebottle tomorrow!

The National (Dubai): “A time to mourn”

Here’s Philippa Kennedy:

The passing of the reality TV star Jade Goody in a maelstrom of publicity happened quietly and in her sleep, for which we must be thankful.

Why we?

The death of the actress Natasha Richardson after a freak skiing accident is no less of a warning to others…

Tabloid Bingo!

Crikey (Aus): “Guy Rundle covered recently-deceased English low-life Jade Goody”

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