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Earth Hour Is Cancelled

by | 26th, March 2009

EARTH Hour is almost upon us, that time when we turns off the lights and hold a candle-lit vigil for Mother Nature.

And take care where you hold the flame – water is precious and we don’t want to get those gas-guzzling fire trucks out, so we.

Of course it’s not what we can do for Earth Hour, but what Earth Hour will do for us, mankind.

The Toronto Star has a round-up pof Blitz-themed eventsm with Patty Winsa, Gaia Girl.

Adelaide, Australia: Mayor Michael Harbison and city council are committed to the event, which will see lighting reductions at Adelaide Town Hall, Victoria Square Fountain, the Hilton Adelaide and the Westpac building, the city’s tallest.

Turn the flashing light off at the top and see if we can bring a plane down. Win-win.

Bangkok: Street lighting along eight major roads will be reduced and Bangkok’s Metropolitan Electricity Authority has agreed to help calculate energy savings.

Set your car lights to beam.

Brisbane: Sir Richard Branson is hosting the Charity Hangar Ball during Earth Hour, a candlelit dinner for 3,000 [a candle fro everyone] at Brisbane Airport. The carbon-neutral event will feature performers Marcia Hines, Rogue Traders, Evermore and Housequake.

Rogue Traders the, er, “electro” band. All entertainers will walk to the venue.

Sir Richard Branson, owner of an airline, is flying in to save the planet? During take off and landing lights in the cabin will be dimmed.

Chicago: More than 500 companies and organizations are participating in the city, where buildings such as the John Hancock Center will power down, along with more than 20,000 decorative exterior lights at the Navy Pier.

Turn off the fairy lights.

Christchurch, New Zealand: The Garden City will be the first to participate in Earth Hour. The bells of Christchurch Cathedral will ring at 7:30 p.m., a call to residents to mark the hour and come down to the square where Mayor Bob Parker will turn the off switch, cloaking the square in darkness and creating a natural theatre where residents can watch the 11th Hour, the environmental film narrated by star Leonardo DiCaprio.

On a wind-up cine-projector.

Dublin: The city’s mayor, Paddy Bourke, has been behind the push to support the event, which will be held an hour later – from 9 to 10 p.m. – because of the city’s northern location.

Why not make it between 2am-3am?

Manila: City lights along Roxas Boulevard’s seaside strip will go out for the hour, along with lights in more than a dozen non-profit and for-profit organizations across the Philippines.

Power cut!

Melbourne: Pyjama parties in the dark, an “energy-free” and acoustic concert, and dinner by candlelight at some of the city’s most recognized restaurant are all in the offing for Earth Hour. Major landmarks, such as Federation Square, Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Tower and city hall, will all power down.

Can you cook a meal by candle power?

Odense, Denmark: The town hall and main square will lie in darkness for the hour.

Would anyone notice?

Perth: The Subiaco Oval football stadium, home to the Fremantle Dockers’, won’t power down during the team’s game during Earth Hour, but will advertise the event on its big screens during the game. The Australian Football League says it will buy carbon credits to cover lighting at its stadiums for the entire Earth Hour weekend.

Mother Nature is on the JumboTton – give us a wave!

Phoenix: One of the tallest building’s on the city’s horizon, the Phoenix City Hall, will power down along with Chase Field, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. The US Airways Arena, which is home to the Phoenix Suns and has been promoting Earth Hour on the Jumbotron during games, will turn off all non-essential lighting during the NCAA tournament.

Keep waving!

Sydney: In a televised announcement, Australian Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman has been racing through the city that first launched Earth Hour, entering buildings and turning off as many lights as she can in an hour.

A photo finish.

Tel Aviv: An unplugged concert in the city’s major square, powered in part by stationary cyclists, will mark the occasion, which has been promoted with a primary school education program. The city has a target power reduction of 5 per cent and the Israeli Electricity Company will measure to see if the city reaches its goal.

Toronto: The city’s skyline should be dramatically altered when buildings and businesses power down for the hour. Nelly Furtado will headline a concert in Nathan Phillips Square. Mayor David Miller, who has recorded a commercial playing on YouTube to promote the event, plans to attend the concert and the city will turn off lights at City Hall, Metro Hall, the civic centres and Exhibition Place.

And in the uK…

Warwickshire/Shropshire: Just two of the 18 towns in England supporting Earth Hour, they’ll mark the occasion by turning off clock towers and lights in shopping centres and hotels. Even the wax statues at Warwick Castle will be cloaked in darkness.

Stick a wick in the statue…

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