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Polly Tonybee, Guido And Journalism On The Web

by | 26th, March 2009

POLLY Tonybee tells the BBC’s Daily Politics show that you “can’t proper journalism on the web”.

No, for proper hackery you need paper and ink.

A minor slowdown with neither inflation nor unemployment rising will see Brown’s old “no boom or bust” boasts triumph this time next year – Polly T.

Tories running top City firms and Conservative boroughs won’t find the Boris Johnson candidacy charmingly funny. Some may or may not agree with his rightwing views, but they will wince at serious London politics treated by the Tory leadership as a celebrity Eton wall game – Polly T.

It would be a miracle if Labour won the Crewe byelection this week, and miracles will be hard to come by when today’s ICM poll shows Labour dropped by some 7% in the course of a month.

A witlessly patronising anti-toff campaign – Polly T.

Guido Fawkes is also on the show – but this wasn’t:

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