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Jade Goody Backs Earth Hour

by | 27th, March 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with Shilpa Shetty,

Daily Star: “Jade’s Jack in kiss ‘n’ tell shock”

How long until Jack Tweed is Jack Tweed and no longer Jade’s Jack? And kiss ‘n’ tell – surely bury ‘n’ tell..?


Says Jordan:

“Her bravery was so inspiring. I was really sad to discover she’d passed away. I think there should be a Jade legacy set up and I’d be honoured to be involved and continue the work she did raising awareness of cervical cancer.”

Jordan is the new Jade.

“Her situation has made me book a smear test. I realise I’m not immune but at risk just like any other young woman.”

Hurrah for Jordan’s vagina! (Any further smears on Nurse Jordan will be dealt with by lawyers.)

And hereeeeeee’s Shilpa Shetty…

“She was the architect of my fame and I give her the credit for that. I believe Jade also learned from that episode.”

The Sun: “Fans flock to church for tribute”

A STREAM of mourners, from mums with babies to pensioners, signed a book of remembrance for Jade at her local church yesterday.

The book titled In Memory of Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody, 1981-2009 was on a table next to a wooden cross, a fountain and a bouquet of pink flowers.

Flowers by Marigold’s of Basildon and a cross hewn form a tree once touched by Princess Diana?

People who knew Jade and many who had never met her signed the book and lit a candle in her memory.

Earth Hour for Jade.

One message said simply: “God Bless our Essex princess xxx”.

Another read: “An inspiration to all those who face this terrible disease. You’re going to save the lives of many women.”

The Sun: “Jack: I’ll auction off Jade’s clothes”

GRIEVING Jack Tweed plans to auction off Jade Goody’s clothes to raise money for cancer charities.

Jack, who will clear out his wife’s house after her funeral on April 4, will keep some of Jade’s prized possessions but has told pals her clothes will either be given to Cancer Research charity shops or sold off to raise cash for Marie Curie nurses.

Daily Mail: “Jack Tweed’s tearful mother visits the wall of flowers left to daughter-in-law Jade”

The Mail enjoys the mourn porn. Zoom in. Come closer.

Daily Telegraph: “Jade Goody’s mother visits her in chapel of rest
– Jade Goody’s grieving mother has visited her daughter in a chapel of rest and described her as “beautiful”.

Come closer. Scratch the Telegraph pages and inhale the aroma of embalming fluid and wet tissue.

Jackiey Budden studied a carpet of flowers around a temporary tribute to her daughter at the Bermondsey funeral directors where her body is being kept.

She then met with directors for two hours where she is thought to have been finalising plans for Goody’s funeral on April 4.

Miss Budden, who appeared upbeat, then went to see her daughter, who will be buried in her wedding dress, wearing her wedding ring. As she left Miss Budden said: “I have been to see Jade in the chapel of rest. She looked beautiful.

Now read on…

Irish Independent: “Jade’s death is a private tragedy… so why are the public grieving?”

Our Jade?

So, have you recovered yet? Have the tears dried, your chest stopped heaving and can you now face maybe even a morsel to eat? After all, when grief kicks in, they do say that the appetite is one of the first things to go.

In fact, it would appear that not since Princess Diana — and, to a lesser extent Irish model Katy French — died has there been such an absurd outpouring of ersatz emotion, crocodile tears and the unedifying sight of strangers competing with each other to see who can be the most visibly distressed.

Huffington Post: “Jennifer Weiner – Author of six New York Times bestselling books – R.I.P., Jade Goody”

There’s book in this…

Jade, though. Jade was different. “Thick as two planks, inn’t she?” asked my driver, as we sped from Heathrow toward London. This was not without cause: in her first Big Brother appearance, Jade called East Anglia “East Angular,” and complained about being made “an escape goat.”

“Common,” sniffed a magazine editor I met the next night.

“I think,” mused my publicist, “that maybe people identified. She was like the embarrassing relative who shows up for Sunday supper and has too much to drink and says outrageous thing.”

Jade fascinated me.

Jade Goody RIP (Rest in publicity)

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