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Bin Laden Captured

by | 27th, March 2009

DID you know that: “Bin Laden ‘Plotting Attack Against West.’”

Sky News has the scoop that the world’s most wanted man – the man who says he wants to destroy us all – is plotting an attack.

Not planning. No. Plotting. In his head, possibly while watching EastEnders and letting his mind drift to thoughts of obliterating the Mini Mart and castrating Ian Beale.

Reuters news agency quoted an unnamed senior US official as giving the warning.

He said the terror chief and al Qaeda leaders are planning an attack on the US and its allies from a secret base in Pakistan.

The news came shortly after President Obama announced plans to send an extra 4,000 US troops to train Afghan security forces.

Did you see a link between a source telling of Bin Laden’s plotted attack and a troop surge?

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