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John Terry’s Mum Nicks Pedigree Chum

by | 28th, March 2009

UPDATE: John Terry’s mum arests:

JT’s mum nicked Pedigree Chum” – Sun

JOHN TERRY’S old Mum, Sue, has been nicked and officially cautioned by police for shoplifting clothes and food from Marks & Spencer and Tesco, at a shopping centrey in Surrey.

Stay classy, footballer’s mum.

Terry is reportedly paid more than £130,000 a week (a WEEK, goddamnit!), so we can only assume that light-fingered Sue (allegedly) did it out of some kleptomaniacal urge.

The incident is especially poignant/ironic/embarrassing because both Tesco and M&S have direct links to the England football team – Tesco is the official England supermarket and M&S supplies suits to the squad.

JT’s mother-in-law, another Sue, was also cautioned. There’s a joke in here somewhere, but our lawyers recommend we don’t tell it.

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