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German Police Catch Cotton Bud Seriel Killer

by | 27th, March 2009

HAVING let the twins go free in one DNA mistrial, the German police have discovered that the sinister killer who left their DNA at 39 different crime scenes is the woman who made the cotton buds used to collect the sample.

Arrest this factory worker now!

Her DNA was found over and over again: in bottles, tank lids, on bullets – and once even on a biscuit! Traces were found in southern Germany, Austria and France. Thousands of saliva tests were taken but there was still no answer.

Says Bernd Meiners, a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Saarbrucken:

“There are considerable doubts about the existence of the ‘phantom killer’. The DNA has instead been linked to investigation materials.”

In other news, police hunt crime lord with DNA of a springer spaniel…

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