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David Beckham is The Terminator

by | 27th, March 2009

SAINT David of Beckhamshire will not stop, ever. Much like Arnie’s Terminator.

Ahead of this Saturday’s England friendly against Slovakia at Wembley, Becks has admitted he will never retire from international football, ever. EVER, do you hear him!?

When a journalist suggested he couldn’t play until the age of 50, Becks replied (tongue nowhere near his cheek):

“You never know… I’m passionate about playing for my country. If I’m honest, I assumed I wouldn’t play for my country again after being taken out of the team by Steve [McClaren, after the 2006 World Cup]. I just thought: ‘That’s it.’ I was proud to have played the number of times I had and to be brought back in was extra special. I think I’d recognise when the time is right to finish playing. I’m an honest person – I’ve always been like that – and I wouldn’t want people wondering why I’m still playing, but I’d like that option to be involved in a squad one day. If that happens when I’m 45, then great.”

Forty five!! How deluded is Beckham? On a scale of one to deluded, we’d rank him somewhere around… deluded.

Someone take him out back and shoot him, please.

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