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Madeleine McCann Spotted In Portugal

by | 28th, March 2009

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Meanwhile, back in Portugal…

In The News: “Madeleine appeal posters torn down in Portugal”

Posters appealing for information regarding the whereabouts of missing girl Madeleine McCann have been torn down in the area of Portugal where she disappeared.


Madeleine was three years old when she went missing from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Such is the fact.

The family have recently launched a fresh appeal for members of the public based in the area to come forward with any information they may have relating to her disappearance.

The campaign has been arranged to coincide with the second anniversary of the date Madeleine went missing, May 3rd.

How long will this be news for?

Sky News: “New Madeleine Posters Torn Down In Anger”

A new appeal for information was launched this week but some residents on the Algarve have reacted angrily to the move.

Ana Palma, a reporter for the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha, said: “We went to Praia da Luz trying to find the posters but most of the small ones had been removed, there were only five or six left. We then started to ask people what had happened and they told us they are tired of this. They feel they and their businesses have been harmed and they want closure.”

They want to forget.

Daily Telegraph:

Around 10,000 leaflets are being handed out and posted through letterboxes in Praia da Luz and the nearby towns of Lagos and Burgau.

The Algarve campaign is being backed by billboards, posters and advertising on local buses.

ShinyTV: “TV Scoop Interview: Charlie Brooker, Newswipe”

MG: So you’re reviewing the format as opposed to the stories?
We will be covering those topics… but I’m looking at how it’s shown to us, if you see what I mean?

The news as entertainment – but it already is?

MG: You did something similar on Screenwipe with the Madeleine McCann thing… is it going to be like that?
: That kind of area… but we will be explaining the stories as well I hope. I suppose the main difference between what we’re doing and say, for want of a better term, a Radio 4 political satire, is that they know what they’re talking about whereas I come from a position where… I think I’m like most people… I’m not actually very well informed…

Madeleine McCann is still missing… And, like most people, that is all we know…

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