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British Car Parks Smell Of Baking Bread

by | 28th, March 2009

THE GOOD news for doggers, dogs and children left in cars and thieves is that NCP car parks are to fill their spaces with the smells of roses, baking bread and cut grass.

How the new scents will blend with the more traditional car park odours of vomit, urine, emptied ashtray and used condom remains to be seen, but parfumiers are thought to be excited.

NCP chief executive Andrew Potter (based notes of pressed suit and top notes of biro) offers:

“We are committed to offering our customers a pleasant and positive experience in our car parks and we fully recognise that unpleasant smells could drive customers away.”

Good news. And to heighten the sense of smell, we trust that car parks will be dimly lit to let nothing interfere with the nasal experience.

Urine (the NCP smell) will be presented in a bottle fashioned into a squatting Hen Night drunk.

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