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Nigel Griffiths Stands Up For Freedom

by | 29th, March 2009

PRIVACY laws were going to neuter the newspapers and make the media a place for PR and the party line. But thanks to Nigel Griffiths MP trying to silence the media, we can all reast easier:

Yesterday Mr Justice King ruled that “lying cheat Griffiths took dozens of pornographic pictures of his brunette mistress cavorting in his House of Commons office, then downloaded them on to his computer, he later claimed he was so drunk he could hardly remember the sex session” and the NOTW can publish them.

Says the Judge:

“At the very least, he was being economical with the truth. It could be said to be a lie but I don’t have to go that far…

“I accept the fact that the claimant has not only taken pictures but also downloaded them does not sit easily with his public statement that he is ashamed and has little recollection.”

It was Griffiths who opined when faced with the evidence:

“Absolutely groundless! Fabricated evidence! You must have some fabricated evidence! Outrageous! Absolutely outrageous!”

Say the Judge:

“I accept there is a legitimate interest of the public in the way MPs use access to offices they get as a result of their public office.

“There is a right to prevent the public from being significantly mislead.”

Why has the Parliamentary Commissioner failed to investigate this?

The MP is very public members. Bring on the evidence…

Hey, Jacqui Smith – it’s better than the telly, and it’s free…

Nigel Griffiths Packs Them In

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