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Earth Hour Triggers Global PC Virus

by | 29th, March 2009

EARTH Hour was a huge success. But it turns out that Earth Hour is also the name for a computer virus that was triggered at 8:30 pm yesterday night. Canada’s Sun Media and the Sarnia Observer have more:

City hall staff saw the animal Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” cutouts advertised and, hoping among their DVD collection. they might help reduce scat in

Keyboards revolt against Eath Hour:

The collective powering down is meant to demonstrate the strength many individuals can the waterfront park, spent $60 on a pair last summer. But after a have against global warming by few weeks the cutouts vanished. acting together. But the full story has only now

The PCs are taking over!

The symbolic campaign emerged. A jogger out for a run began two years ago in Sydney, came across the cutouts and was Australia. The team effort so startled she ran to a construction included 2.2 million homes and site. There she told a worker businesses. It resulted in a 10.2 a coyote had “barked” at her and per cent reduction in energy was afraid it would give chase, consumption. That’s the equivalent McCallum said.

of taking 48,000 cars off the road for one year.

The machines are upon us. Beware:

. inconic That destination. water is headed We’ve toward got the that border advantage and is over expected most to communities,” reach Manitoba says in the Coun. next few Jim weeks. Diodati. “What we do on Earth Hour is going to matter because of our status”…

Diodati made a motion at a recent council meeting confirming the city’s participation in the international Earth Hour challenge.

channel the water is about three times that of Fargo. Steve

have dinner by candlelight to celebrate Earth Hour,” says Diodati.

Earth Hour is making no sense:

“I know it’s largely symbolic, but it all starts off with something symbolic to create awareness and education and then it catches on,” he says.

The “If I province’s was to say you capacity can’t smoke to in a bar or restaurant 25 years ago, I’d be laughed out of the

Earth Hour – it might already be too late..

Spotter: Tim Blair

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