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Celebrities Shun Jade Goody

by | 30th, March 2009

EARLY reports were that Michael Jackson would be attending Jade’s Goody funeral.

Old Mr Anorak keeps a picture of Jackson above his desk – the one of Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor at David Gest’s marriage to Liza Minneli that suggests all three are melting over a giant candle. OMA says the picture reminds him of his fourth wife during her three-day weekender at Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s clinic.

But now a veil hangs over the image. News reaches us that Jackson will not be at the big Jade party.

Max Clifford said that the pop star would not be attending the service, despite reports.

He tells one and all:

“He was never going to attend the funeral, but he has phoned. I have spoken to him and he sends his condolences to the family. He was hoping to have met Jade and will be sending a big bouquet of flowers to pay tribute to her. He sends his love to Jackiey and Jack.”

On a bighter note, news reaches us that others might be there. Indeed, the American Jade GoodyBarack Obama should arrive in London at any hour, ready to pay his respects. But not everyone might be able to make it. And Anorak now brings you The Ten Who Will Shun Our Jade:

Osama bin Laden

EastEnders hard man Ross Kemp

Queen Noor of Jordan

Euan Blair

David Essex (King of Essex)

Ken Livingstone

Dennis Wise

Gerry McCann


Mark Thatcher

They shun Our Jade – we shun them!

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