Anorak News | Thief Raids RBS And Finds Tills Empty

Thief Raids RBS And Finds Tills Empty

by | 31st, March 2009

“I’VE got a gun. Seriously I’ve got a gun – hand over the ******* money”.

Andrew Stewart is reading his newspaper in the Exeter branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland on March 31 last year when he heard that claim.

Brian Davison, 32, is harvesting notes form scared cashiers.

Stewart (approaching): “It’s April the 1st isn’t it mate? It’s April Fool’s Day”.

Davison: “I’ve got a gun I will shoot you.”
Stewart: “Go on then shoot me.”

He grabbed the bag. He opened it. It was empty. He sat down. He continues to read his paper.

Exeter Crown Court hears how Davidson was arrested. He is pleading guilty to affray.

Says prosecutor Richard Crabb:

“Prior to Mr Stewart’s intervention terrified staff believed Davison was an armed robber. They were going to hand over a pre-packed bundle of marked notes.”

Verdict: guilty.

But what of Mr Stewart, who thought it his duty to prevent a joke being enacted? And in the RBS, a bank that surely tops anyone list of dream targets. Stewart did not avert a bank robbery – he prevented customers from seeing that the tills were empty and the cashier piling IOUs into swag bag.

The bank robbery had already been enacted by men in suits and armed with golf clubs…

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