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The Barack Obama List Of Tax Dodgers

by | 1st, April 2009

BARACK Obama is all for redistribution. The problem is, how to redistribute what you don’t have and they aren’t that keen to tell you they have?

Here’s a list of Obams crack tem of tax dodger spotters, all on hand to explain to Obama how some people don’t pay up:

Before that, know that the US Is In The in the Veryt Best of Hands:

Tom Daschle, Obama’s nominee for Health and Human Services- taxi fail – a play.

Nancy Killefer: Obama’s new chief performance officer – tax fail

Ron Kirk nominated as U.S. Trade Representative – back tax fail

Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary: picked even after failed to pay taxes – what fail?

The good news is that Obama is in London to tell everyone how it will be okay. Smoking room only…

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