Anorak News | G20 Armoured Car And Violence

G20 Armoured Car And Violence

by | 1st, April 2009

G20 protests. Updates throughout the day. Is there violence? You betcha!

Everyone on the Sky telly report is wearing a mask – yashmack or a jumper pulled up over the nose. In the background no-one has a mask on. Does the media only talk to people in masks?

“Who are yer?” ask the protestors in a football fan fashion.

The police have numbers. The protestors have masks.

Who are yer?

What are we protesting for?

Better daytime telly!

Go on, son, Give it some welly for the cameras.

What do we want?

More armoured cars and back-to-back Neighbours!

Where can we get ’em..?

Anyone intersted in breaking heads should know that in the crowd are Billy Bragg, Russell Brand , Tony Robinson (actor)and police – George Monbiot says the coppers are looking for trouble. Well, that is what police do.

Then a TV actor says he ain’t gonna take it no more. No more listening to unqualified, self-serving, self-aggrandizing pillocks – and – yeah – with no sense of irony:

Bash a banker (that rhyming slang?) That a tripod you holding, son?

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