Anorak News | Queen Introduces Obama To Her Dogs

Queen Introduces Obama To Her Dogs

by | 2nd, April 2009

“WE’RE not all like them, Mr President,” says the Sun’s front-page headline, words attributed to Her Majesty the Queen and set alongside a shot of the Lone Ranger’s stylist kicking in a pane of glass in the City of London.

No, Mr President Obama. Some of us are filthy rich and use guns and packs of dogs. Release the hounds!

The Mail calls it “LOVE and HATE”. Love is apparently what Gordon Brown and Barack Obama share, although given Brown’s simpering and supplicant posture, it smacks more of infatuation than real love. The Mail calls it a “very special relationship”, and special it looks.

Here’s Gordon setting the DVD player for a special night in; here’s Barack instructing an aide to call and say that BO has seen that film before and one of the children has a bad head cold so he can’t make it.

ANARCHY does not rule UK,” says the Express, a fact supported by a shot of copper in heavy boots wielding a heavy fist into the face of a lightweight protestor.

No anarchy does not rule. Order rules.

These are two teams taking each other on. True anarchy is a free for all; this is uniform anarchy.

Don’t wear a suit; don’t express yourself beyond the close confines of what the rebels say you can do; don’t protest for Death To Polar Bears; don’t protest in support of Nazism; don’t protest in favour of absolute liberty because someone who believes in absolute liberty would never join an organised protest.

Be a copper.

Note: You want to see what anarchy looks like – take a picture

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