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Watch Jade Goody Burn

by | 2nd, April 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with offical books, offical candles and offical albums

The Sun: “Charity candles for Jade funeral”

SPECIAL funeral candles with a picture of Jade have been made for Saturday’s service.

Burn Jade? Is that a nice thing to do? Remember Burn the pig?

The public will also be able to buy a version of the candle with the words “Jade — an ordinary woman, an extraordinary life.” The makers, Candles By Laurence, will create £20 and £4.99 copies – with some money going to Cancer Research.

Boss Laurence Henshall said they were “a touching tribute to Jade”.

Sun: “I nicknamed Jade ‘Asda’ because she was such great value”

She nicknamed Jade “pig” because she was crackling good fun.

The Sun has teamed up with photographers Danny Hayward and Simon Bridger of the Matrix Photos picture agency — two of her closest friends and allies — to put together the album she wanted her boys to have.

Private moments.

Remember Me This Way is the book to remind them of the mum they had before cancer robbed them.

Private moments.

Jade also chose to make the private album public to raise money for the Marie Curie cancer charity, which did so much to help her through her illness.

Private album made public.

Every photo tells a story — but not necessarily the whole story, according to Dan and Simon, who became Jade’s Mr Fixits, organising her jobs, scheduling her diary and booking her holidays…

The photographers tell all…

Dan says: “We went on a canal boat once. She said she wanted to do a really English holiday and she booked it for seven nights. We said to ourselves, ‘There is no way she will stand seven nights’. “She arrived at the boat, looked at it like it was an alien spacecraft and said, ‘What’s going on?’

“She decided she didn’t have any of the right outfits for the boat so we had to go to the local town for clothes for her and the boys.” Within minutes of setting off the party came to a halt. Jade had no idea what a canal lock was and Dan was stumped too.

He says: “We assumed they must open automatically so we sat there for 20 minutes looking at the lock.”

Eventually Dan found a lock key and managed to negotiate their way through, only to turn the next corner and find they were faced with a “staircase” of multiple locks.

Dan says: “We began at the bottom at 1pm and I ran around doing every single lock while Jade and the kids watched. At 5.45pm we came out at the top of the flight. We moored up and the next morning Jade decided we were going back down. So we did. Then she left. The holiday lasted two days!”

Great story of a loving holiday with the boys, and the snappers. And in Dubai:

“The bedroom was the size of a ballroom, the suite had a state dining room, butler and its own lift. Jade loved it. It was on that holiday she decided we couldn’t just call her Jade. She said, ‘I should have a nickname’, so I called her ‘Asda’ because, I told her, she was such good value.

“After that the staff always asked after Miss Asda!”


A family photo taken on the trip was the picture she chose to have on her wall in her hospital room as her life ebbed away.

The Bookseller: “Goody ‘authorised’ Blake book”

John Blake Publishing has defended the repackaging of its Jade Goody’s autobiography under the new title Jade: Fighting to the End, and has said the book had the backing of Goody and the trustees of her will…

The publisher was criticised in a piece in the Times, which claimed the new edition had not been updated to take into account her illness. However, the book features a new introduction written by ghost writer Lucie Cave, entitled “Jade’s Last Chapter“…

To go with Jade’s other notable lasts, notably: Jade’s last tattoo, Jade’s last coffin, Jade’s Last, last words, Jade’s last interview, Jade’s last wedding, Jade’s last dress, Jade’s last fight, Jade’s last slice of toast, Jade’s last Christening, Jade’s last party, Jade’s Last Rites; Jade’s last view, Jade’s last breath, Jade’s last Mother’s Day; Jade’s last wish, Jade’s last cat and Jade’s last reality TV show

Blake said: “We had lunch with Jade a while ago, when she knew she was ill, and she said she wanted to make as much money from the book as she could for her boys, so her trustees get the royalties. She discussed [the introduction] with Lucie. Jade wanted that to happen and that is what we did.” He added: “It’s a fantastic memorial to her. The public have read the book and there is now a real word-of-mouth thing going around”…

Originally published as Catch A Falling Star, the renamed paperback sold just shy of 24,000 copies last week, in its first part-week sale. It has sold nearly 155,000 copies in its whole lifetime.



Jade Goody’s spectacular Princess Diana-style funeral will not cost her family a single penny.

Like a candle in the wind (smelt it dealt it)…

Reality TV undertakers FA Albin have pledged to donate their fee, which could reach £25,000, to the trust fund set up for tragic Jade’s boys Bobby and Freddy… A source claimed the undertakers – stars of ITV1’s reality show Don’t Drop The Coffin – felt “privileged” to take care of the Bermondsey Princess.

“We’re a tightly-knit community and Jade was well liked here. We look after our own,” said the source.

Jade Goody – still working…

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