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Dancing Pope’s Pole Club Advert Banned

by | 2nd, April 2009

THE Advertising Standards Authority says a flyer for Berserk at Club Fire, Ipswich, featuring what some believe to be a fake picture of the Pope John Paul II cavorting with a blonde strumpet the Pope is offensive and must be removed.

The papers tells of “angry Poles and Catholics” calling the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE) and demanding that the Pope’s picture be taken down.

Catholics and Poles… Old Mr Anorak wonders what this once great country has come to when Papists and foreigners are coming here and telling Our Pope that he can’t spend some quality time with a pretty girl. Were she Polish, would they care, or Catholic? Think on.

Sheila Soltysik, secretary of Ipswich Polish Club tells us:

“It was hugely offensive. The sheer volume of the reaction is what made us take the matter to ISCRE. It is unfortunate that the thoughtless actions of a marketing idea has created dismay amongst the Polish community and Catholic religion by depicting figures of high moral standards amongst ideas of inappropriate behaviour and surroundings.

“Perhaps to some it may have innocent connotations but to the majority of sensible people it is deeply upsetting.”

Of course, the Pope is no longer among us and less able to defend himself. She goes on:

“They cannot be allowed to get away with doing things like this, it could have caused real problems, I think we caught it just in time.”

Too right. Once one Pope has had whiff of skirt and hard liquor, how long before they are all at it – St. Callistus at an S&M club, Anastasius IV in Cabaret of Angels and Blessed Innocent V had best start looking for a new epithet.

It’s the thin edge of a very sticky wedge…

Update: The Suffolk Pole Dancing Collective says Poles are proud of Pole Dancing, it being their gift to the world.

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