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Nobili The Stripper Nun Dances for The Vatican

by | 3rd, April 2009

ANNA Nobili, nun and former stripper in Milan’s finest joints, will appear with Sister Workers of the Holy House of Nazareth and dance a “Holy Dance”.

At the Holy Cross in Jerusalem Basilica, Rome, Nobili will perform an Old Testament-theme dance entitled “The Bible: Day and Night”.

Enthusiasts are told to look out for:

Slave And Masters
The Parting of the Red Sea
Israel Enters Canaan
A feminist rendering of Deliah’s big shave
And many, many more…

Sister Nobili, a self-styled “ballerina for God”, will dance for Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Vatican’s Cultural Department.

Says Nobili, a leg raised high on Jacob’s Ladder:

“I was wasting my life dancing for men in clubs. The nights were filled with sex and alcohol. It was an empty life but I liked it because I was the centre of attention.”

Now she is in the bosom of the Church, a venue filled with lots of talking about not having sex, death who spend days stood at the front of congregations. She goes on:

“But now my life has been transformed. I still dance but now I dance for God and I’m happy. All my choreography is dedicated to Him. My aim is to pray using my body.”

Old Mr Anorak recalls Nobili form her former days, and assures that she can pray in any number of positions, and will accommodate her audience, in this case God, as best fit…

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