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Jade Goody’s Minging Funeral Flowers

by | 4th, April 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with Jade’s funeral, Jade’s flowers and Jade’s mum…

The Sun: “Crowd’s farewell to Jade”

WREATHS spelling out Jade Goody’s best-known sayings — including “Minging” and “East Angula” — will accompany the reality TV star on her final journey today.

Floral arrangements will also include the word “kebab” — from one of her infamous Big Brother moments — and a Marmite jar after she compared herself to the spread, saying: “You either love me or hate me.”

It is Jade’s “Last laugh“, following:

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Sky News: “Jade Goody Funeral Pictures ‘Not For Sale’”

Close friends of Jade Goody deny that deals have been done to sell footage from her funeral.

To the best of their knowledge.

Daily Star: “Jade my final show?”

FANS began arriving for Jade Goody’s funeral 24 hours early yesterday to claim the best spots to say farewell…

Oi, no pushin’. I was ‘ere first. Fight!

Her publicist, Max Clifford, said yesterday: “Jade wanted to go out in style and we’re confident she won’t be disappointed. There is a huge interest in the funeral from all across the world and we’ve got media coming from Australia, Norway, India, America… you name it.”

Wogga-Wogga Land?

“I have dealt with people from the Beatles to Muhammad Ali but I have never known such intensity from the media as this. We’re anticipating some big crowds out on the streets, the like of which has not seen since Princess Diana.

Had only The Beatles called Max then John Lennon could have scored the Harpic contract and been the face of Walrus Conservation. Ali, well, is he still champion of the world? But never let it be said that Max bears a grudge and Jade will make her final journey to the strains of The Beatles’ ballad Let It Be. (Ali, call me. Don’t let regret make you bitter – Max.) Says Max:

“She had honesty, openness, courage and she was such a devoted and successful mum.”

And can Mohammad Ali or John Lennon say that?

Sally Chambers, 32, from Henley, South Oxfordshire, who has suffered breast cancer, said she was treating her visit as a “pilgrimage in celebration of Jade”.

She added: “Jade was like a shining light to me and I feel I would be letting her down if I was not at the funeral.”

Joan Arthur, 54, and her husband Mike, 62, took time off work to travel from their home in Leicester. Joan said: “Jade’s story has really taken hold of us. I feel so much for her family and her friends.

“It’s the least that I can do to come here and show them that they are not alone.”

The Funeral Route.

There will be two special floral tributes from Daily Star readers, a 10ft by 5ft wreath saying “Jade From Bermondsey” and the other made to look like a Marmite jar…

Sky News will be covering the event live from its SkyCopter but there will be no cameras inside the church.

Reuters: “Even Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who had commented on her illness, joined the tributes that poured in after her death, saying his thoughts went out to her family.”

Yeah, even him.

Daily Mail: “Jackiey’s final vigil: Jade’s mother spends the night by her daughter’s coffin”

Jackiey Budgen spent weeks sitting beside her dying daughter’s sickbed, providing comfort and support. Now Jade Goody’s grieving mother has spent her last night beside her daughter, ahead of today’s funeral service.

She sat throughout the night beside Jade’s open coffin, saying her final goodbyes.

A friend told the Mirror: “Jackiey stayed up all night talking to Jade. In many ways she is making up for lost time. She regrets not being there for Jade when she was younger and the missed opportunites for happy times with her.”

Belfast Telegraph: “Jade Goody: let her be”

Paul Hopkins

Granted she may have possessed some, or indeed all, of these fine qualities — her last letter to her sons touched me, I’ll admit, though I thought her handwriting had quite a Cliffordesque calligraphy to it — but Jade Goody, and there’s really no nice way of saying this, was (also) vile, bigoted, stupid, arrogant, racist, and ignorant…


John Lennon famously remarked that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. Jade Goody has one up on the Fab Four here…

Jade Goody is dead – but not resting…

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