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Jade Goody’s Last Take Away

by | 4th, April 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with Kirsty Gallagher’s breasts, thighs and tum…

Daily Mirror: “Kirsty Gallacher: My boobs aren’t as pert and my bum isn’t as firm but I’m finally happy with my body”

As are we…

Posing in a pink cocktail dress, Kirsty Gallacher is in the best shape of her life. With her dark glossy hair, peachy complexion and perfectly toned figure, she looks a picture of health. But the 33-year-old star of ITV1’s Saturday Night Takeaway reveals that, just months ago, her hair was falling out in clumps, she’d lost a shocking amount of weight and her skin was covered in spots.

Bad kebab?

“It was really scary,” she admits. “I’d lost weight while I was breastfeeding but, when I stopped, the weight continued to fall off. I knew something was seriously wrong when I bent down to change Oscar’s nappy and was in agony.”

Sounds bad:

At first, Kirsty’s doctor believed she was suffering from anaemia but further blood tests revealed she had a condition called post-natal thyroiditis. “My thyroid gland was producing double the thyroxin a normal person should have. It can be life-threatening if it’s not treated.”

There for the grace of God. But best alert CCN (Celebrity Cancer News) to be on the safe side:

As a devoted mum to Oscar, now two, Kirsty knows how lucky she is to have a clean bill of health, especially given the recent death of Jade Goody from cervical cancer.

Jade and Me:

“The news about Jade was very distressing,” she says. “We used to share the same agent and I met her. She was lovely and full of life. It’s horrific to think her two sons are now without a mum. It makes me think of Oscar and how he’d cope without me. It makes me so upset.”

As a mum you try and be a superwoman. I’m an obsessively tidy person but now I tell myself ‘Does it really matter if the house is messy?’…

It does if OK! are popping over for a 24-page photospread. Yes:

“I went up to 10st when I was pregnant and although I’ve lost all the weight, a lot of things haven’t gone back to the way they were,” smiles Kirsty. “My stomach is fairly flat but I do have that ridge which I can never really get rid of,” she observes.

“My bottom is not as firm and my boobs are not as pert either. Although I’m happy that they’re not as big – they were 32E before I became pregnant but since I’ve breastfed they’ve dropped a couple of cup sizes!

Top stuff, Kirty, and bottom stuff, too:

“If I felt brave enough, then I might have a boob lift but I’m not sure if I’d have Botox. I’d be scared if something went wrong. I have a few lines around my eyes but I am in my 30s now.”

You’ve outlived Jade. Go for it:

When she was pregnant Kirsty said she’d given up doing sexy photoshoots, although now she’s changed her mind…

“Just because I’m a mum, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, and I’d do a lingerie shoot if it was the right thing.”

Pass the phone. What was the name of her agent?


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