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The World’s Leading Goat Tower

by | 4th, April 2009

WELCOME to one of the world’s leading Goat Towers:

“Goats love it and people driving by can’t believe it,” says David Johnson of Findlay, Ill., about his 31-ft. tall, 7-ft. dia. “goat tower” built with the help of the late Jack Cloe, Herrick, Ill. The tower was constructed with 5,000 hand-made bricks, each one a different size and shape. The tower has 276 concrete steps, arranged to form a spiral staircase, that allows Johnson’s goats to climb up and down with ease.

There are similar towers at the Fairview Winery in South Africa and one at a spa in Portugal.

Johnson has 34 Saanen milk goats that use the tower. “Goats are the most curious animals in the world so they use the tower a lot. They come and go, passing each other on the ramp as needed.”

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