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Paedophiles To Take Lie Detector Tests

by | 4th, April 2009

PAEDOS ware to be wired to electrical devices and… have their heart rate monitored. As reported:

Paedophiles, rapists and other sex offenders will have to take lie detector tests from next week under new moves designed to check if they still pose a risk.

Designed to check and certain to fail. Take Bruce Burgess, polygraph expert for ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show and Don Cargill, who conducts polygraphs for The Trisha Goddard Show, on Five. Now:

The spat between Mr Burgess’s Distress Services and Mr Cargill’s company, Nadac Group, began last year following an episode of The Trisha Goddard Show in which a woman was accused by her family of stealing a £38,000 Rolex watch.

Betty Hipson, a 57-year-old grandmother from Leatherhead, contacted the producers at Trisha Goddard because her family had accused her of stealing the watch. She wanted to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence. The polygraph test was conducted by Mr Cargill’s company and found Mrs Hipson was lying.

Undeterred, Mrs Hipson went to Mr Burgess’s company for a second test, which, unlike the previous polygraph, found her innocent of stealing the watch.

Anyone who has seen Kyle show can only wonder at the point to testing anyone.  Kyle tests people and when they say the test is wrong confronts them with the comeback that because they agreed with a part of the test that agreed with them, cheaters can’t be chosers. The test is all right or all wrong. It cannot be both. But it can be.

Kyle will then fill any gaps during which any half-brained being might think for themselves by yelling “BE A MAN”, introding “DEBBIE, EVERYBODY” or extolling the virtues of Graham in the “aftercare team”.

So paedos will be tested. But – get his – paedo, like most criminals, can lie. And better yet they may not believe they are about to break a law because they do not recognise that law to be worth upholding and relevant to them.

Now, pass the wires. This may hurt…a lot…

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